Fashion Event: Creative Group Exhibition KIRA KIRA TOKYO vol.11 2011

18 Aug

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Creative Group Exhibition KIRA KIRA TOKYO vol.11 2011.Sep.10.SAT – 18.SUN at The Beaumont Studio 1F in BC

KIRA KIRA is ‘a free to enter’ group exhibition that jewellery brand RUKUS New Age Designs organises for underground artists to get together and show off their work. The exhibition is about more than fashion and jewellery however, as some of the artists who join are dancers, DJs, installation artists, stylists and so on. KIRA KIRA also holds a reception party for these exhibitors to share their inspiration. While this is not a huge commercial exhibition, it is a very good place to keep your eye on up-and-coming underground Japanese artists. The event is held several times in a year, so keep an eye on their frequently updated website for all the latest details.


Event Poster


About the Designer

RUKUS new age / new edge
RUKUS designer, Yasuhiro Tomita (toMmy) is Japanese who moved Vancouver BC, CANADA since 2011. He started collecting gem rocks in 2005 which was a turning point to start designing jewelries with using precious and semi-precious stones. Also, he is a volunteer Qigong Healer. He experienced Crystal Healing, Macrobiotic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc. He has started his original Jewelry brand RUKUS -new age- in 2007. He’s also started a collaboration line “RUKUS x RWANDA” to contribute 50% of sales to the atelier in RWANDA. In 2009, he has started to manage his own fashion brand, RUKUS –new edge-. He is organizing a Creative Group Exhibition KIRA KIRA TOKYO with many artists and designers in Tokyo & Vancouver since 2009.

RUKUS new age / new edge Official website:


Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!

Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!


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