Makeup 101: Beauty Makeup in Three Looks Step-by-Step

11 Sep

Hi Everyone, this is a re-post from String Magazine of my make-up, hair & instruction work with photographer Jay Lee, and model Shannon from Vancouver’s LizBelle Agency, using a local Vancouver’s organic Sappho Cosmetics line provided by String Magazine. For those who likes very light, air-y, and eco-conscious make-up products, you will find this line work for you very well.


Sappho Colour Palette

For this shoot, we did three different make-up & hair looks: day natural “Skin Pretty” look with tight-back sleek hair, bronzy “Summer Bronzy” look with a shiny, beach-y wave hair, and an evening wilder “Night Out” look with loose hair curls.


Look 1: Skin Pretty

Skin Beauty Make-up by Tommy Chiang

This look is all about creating a smooth skin texture, clarity, and a natural glow. Using Sappho’s liquid foundation and silk powder, this look with subtle highlights and shading will bring out a girl’s natural beauty.

Face: “Luscious Leisha” liquid foundation was used on model Shannon’s skin. A good way to apply it is as suggested on the bottle: place dots of foundation on forehead, cheeks, and chin and blend it outwards with a foundation brush in a buffing motion. Make sure to blend into the hairline, ears, and towards the neck area.

Make-up Tip: For a dewy look, you can also mix your moisturizer with the liquid foundation and apply onto the skin with your fingers. When blending with your fingers, the warmth of your hand and the massage motion will make the foundation blend into your skin more naturally.

To ensure the natural skin glows from within, we don’t want a thick layer of powder to set the foundation. Instead, apply the “Silky Setting Powder” with a large powder brush, by lightly tapping the brush bristles with powder on the skin. Again, we want to see skin, not a caked-on foundation & powder covering it, so do use it minimally.

Eyebrows: Yes, you can definitely define your brows with eye shadows. Use an angled brush and dab matching colours from the SAPPHO palette, tap excess power from the brush, and lightly go over the eyebrows by following its shape.

Eyes: Use the eye shadow base first, applied with a large eye shadow brush, and then use a cream eye shadow colour (“Dream” on the palette) for a clean look. Connect the inner eye contouring with the crease (up to the brows) by blending the brush with “Sweet Hailey” eye shadow. Blending the colour is the key to creating beautiful eye contouring. “Chambrelle”, an almost white eye shadow from the palette was used in the inner eye corner lightly, with a small eye shadow brush to accentuate the eyes.

Lips: Light pink lip gloss was used on the lips for a soft, natural beauty look. This colour is sheer and it has a touch a golden reflection which makes it subtly luminous.


Look 2: Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess / Sun-Kissed Bronzing Skin Beauty Make-up by Tommy Chiang

This nicely bronzed look is great for the remaining days of summer. It evokes that “just back from the beach” feeling, but with a bit of natural sun tan–very pretty and sweet.

You want to have a natural tanned look without having the infamous “fake n’ bake” look with orange toned bronzing products on your skin. Use this look to create a fresh, beach-y look with simple bronzing powder application.

Skin: Be sure to protect your skin by wearing a moisturizer with sun protection in it. On the model, the bronzer, “Bronze Goddess”, from the palette was applied with a large powder brush all over the face very lightly, after the foundation application. Make sure the bronzer blends into the hairline, ears, and the neck.

Bronzer technique: You may emphasize prominent areas of the face with additional bronzer: use the power brush to emphasize the forehead and nose, as these areas are often more exposed to the sun. Use the same bronzer from the palette on the cheek area as a blush colour–it’s subtle enough to be used as both a bronzer and a blush.

Eyes: Use “Bronzemeup” eye shadow in the entire eye area very lightly with a soft eye shadow brush to create a shimmery golden effect–be sure to wrap around the under eye area too. Add some “Andreas Gold” eye shadow on the eye lid to emphasize the eyes.

Lips: Apply a lip balm with SPF to your lips and top off with a golden lip gloss colour to finish the entire look.


Look 3: Night Out

Evening Smokey Eye Make-up by Tommy Chiang

After the beach, the sun goddess look is transformed into a wilder look: sultry and shimmery for a night out on the town. She wants to emit a mysterious air with a smoky eye, which always screams sexiness.

Skin: After applying the foundation, finish of with “Silky Setting Powder” to ensure the t-zone (forehead and nose) keeps a matte finish with no shine.

Eyebrows: Define the brows as in the first look and brush on a touch of clear lip gloss to keep them tidy and add a bit of spunk.

Eyes: Sultry smoky eyes is the focus of the look. “Abyseeinya” eye shadow was applied in the entire eye area as a wash of base colour. Use two different eye shadow colours of varying tones but of similar shades and blend them upwards with a fluffy blending brush. On Shannon, a dark slate, “Cliff”, and a deep purple, “Pick Purple”, were used from the palette. The smoky eye doesn’t have to be all black; the key is smooth blending: the eye shadow colour should be darker close to the lash line and get lighter as it blends outward. Apply false lashes to add drama to the look, which will also create the illusion of larger eyes.

Lips: Apply a matching colour lip liner to the lip line and ensure the lip shape is balanced. Then apply a medium plum colour lip gloss in “Perfect Plum” for a pouty look. Add another lighter lip colour just in the centre of the lips to create more highlights, making the lips look fuller. Try it and you will notice a great difference!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and hopefully learnt something new that you didn’t know!


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Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!


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