Make-up for Fashion Ad Campaign

24 Dec
F/W2011 OR Limited Edition

OR by New York/Vancouver fashion designer Angela Chen is a unique fashion line of its own. It’s simple, comfortable, and organic-looking with a bit of edge; not to mention that a lot its fashion accessories are unisex, which means both boys and girls can wear it.

For OR’s 2011 Fall/Winter limited edition campaign’s make-up look, I was inspired by the international fashion collection’s backstage beauty. I wanted to re-create a real life mannequin skin’s look on the model’s “almost perfect” looking skin. The overall look is to achieve a very trendy ANDROGYNY beauty look with a super intense eyes look.

Androgyny = the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics!

I first prepped the skin with M·A·C Complete Comfort Cream. M·A·C’s Face & Body Foundations were mixed in N and C shades. The foundation was applied on the skin canvas with a stippling brush in a buffing technique. This is a very effective way to polish up your skin, and to create a new layer of skin type of look! Very minimal liquid concealer and high definition power was used on the face.

For the eyes, I wanted to make it SUPER INTENSE without making it too glamorous looking. Although it’s really a fine line, but with the model’s perfect almond- shaped eyes, the catty eye make-up look on her does not appear too catty at all! Rather, it’s that super intense fashion look you see on a runway. Remember, even with the same make-up look, it will always appear different based on your natural skintone and unique feature.

Lots of eye make-up products were mixed and used to create this campaign look: M·A·C Metal-X in Fusion Gold (limited edition) was used on the eyelid to create that gold metallic finish with some M·A·C pigment in Rose Gold layered on top. M·A·C’s Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure (limited edition) was placed in the outter corner of the eyelids, before packing on some dark eye shadow shades (in gold, dark brown and old-antiqued colours). Of course, a super intense black Khol Eye Pencil in Onyx was used to rim the eyes all around the eye line, plus the outter crease of the eye to add super intensive definition.

To finish this look, couple different shades of light, nudy, peach-pink lip colours (lipstick and lip gloss) were mixed and layered on top of each other. Sometimes it’s hard just to use that one lip colour to get to the look that you want!

This is the make-up look for OR’s 2011 Fall/Winter limited edition campaign. I hope you liked my creation….and  MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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Fashion Photographer: Kelly Jill


If you enjoy reading my beauty/fashion blog, I would like to ask you all to join and  “LIKE” my Facebook Fan Page to support my make-up artistry work & inspirations too, thanks everyone!


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