GLAMCOR Classic Lighting Kit

20 Jan
Glamcor Classic Lighting Kit

Glamcor Classic Lighting Kit


Lighting! Lighting! Lighting! For those you who are in the creative industry such as: make-up, hair styling, photography, videography, designing…etc, you know how important it is to have great lighting for your work. You need correct or balanced lighting in order to show your creation properly.


Great lighting will create a special mood for your creative work and make it more 3-D appearing & comes alive!


Asides from that, for styling artists, it is so important to have the proper lighting while you are in process of creating your work. From a make-up artist’s point of view, poor lighting could possible result in wrong colour application, foundation mis-matching, un-even blending, and those could be pretty bad cases that you don’t want them to happen.

We all know it is the best to have natural day light as your lighting source; however, it is not possible that can happen due to several reasons such as: weather conditions, indoor/window environment, time of the day…etc. ‎ Glamcor Professional came out with a great lighting system called “Classic Light Kit” and it is a lighting product that’s designed specifically for those who needs light-weight, portable lighting system that can supply artificial daylight on the go!

I don’t own one of this yet, but so far I have used Glamcor Classic Light Kit twice while I was doing freelance make-up work, on two different occasions: the first time was in a very early indoor wedding where there was no proper lighting at the place for doing make-up & hair; the second time was at a similar working environment at a fashion photo shoot. Luckily, the person who was working with me at both occasions own one of the Light Kit, so we were share this great lighting to do the gig.

Asides from its key features of: light-weight, colour-balanced LED lighting, portable, no “no cool down” period after you use it, height/width adjustable…, it is also good to use this lighting source for filming short webcam/online blog videos, close-up or backlighting of video/photography work. It is definitely one of the many great tools you can have as a make-up artist.

New York-based, multiple Grammy Award make-up artist Eve Pearl (founder of her brand name cosmetics line) used this light on stage while she was presenting her make-up seminar at IMATS Convention (The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) in Vancouver 2011. Yes, I attended IMATS in Vancouver, BC, Canada 2011!



Here is what Glamcor Professional says about their product:

The world’s top professionals won’t leave home without it.

Our Classic Light Kit is an international best seller to makeup artists. Who knew it would also be adopted by video enthusiasts, tattoo artists, manicurists, the hair industry, and photographers? Why? Because our lamps are cool LED technology and are color balanced not to distort the color of the skin/hair or color being applied to it. We solved a major problem with portable lightweight cool lighting, and we welcome you to watch the associated short video on all of the functionality.


GLAMCOR Classic Light Kit



  • No “cool down” period. Once you are finished you can pack it and go!
  • Dual voltage 100-240AC
  • Super lightweight: 5lbs/2.25kg

The Classic Light Kit includes the following:

  • (1) Fully flexible luminary
  • (2) GLAMCOR Color-balanced LED lamps
  • (1) Lightweight polished aluminum telescopic stand
  • (1) Power cord
  • (1) Carry bag with trolley sleeve


This is what online blogger Dustin Hunter has to say about this product’s review on video:

GLAMCOR Classic Light Kit: Review


It is a very useful lighting tool to have for creative freelancers to own, add on top of the make-up kit!


Tommy’s Product Review

Shortly after I first publish this post, I finally ordered one of the lighting kit as a Christmas gift and have used it in multiple freelance make-up gigs where lighting condition was not ideal.

Here are some feedbacks I have with GLAMCOR Classic Light Kit:

  1. Being that this LED lighting system is very light in weight, it makes it very easy for transportation and portability. However, one of the drawbacks is that after you set the lights up to use, because of its light weight, the light may easily fell down when someone accidentally trips over it at its tripod base. To present it from happen, it best to secure the base of the light with heavier weight items, or simply place the light against the wall, chair, or table so the lights won’t tip over.
  2. The LED light may be too bright for models/clients to be starring at with their eyes. I would ask the them to look above or below the LED light while you work on their face as a make-up artist. Or, you can place the lighting system at a further distance from the models/clients so the brightness of the light won’t cause a discomfort at their eyes.
  3. It’s nice the light comes with a carrying bag. It would be much better if the carrying bag sleeves are winder and longer so you can shoulder carry it as well.


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Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!


4 Responses to “GLAMCOR Classic Lighting Kit”

  1. lindseyjonesmakeup January 23, 2012 at 5:29 PM #

    Love it!

  2. Sara November 16, 2015 at 7:14 PM #

    how can i order from the classic light kit ? N how much is it n do u ship internationally?

  3. Mrs Priya Dev Mistry April 15, 2016 at 6:09 AM #

    I would like to buy one for my makeup business. How do I get one?

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