Beautiful Wedding Make-up Looks & Colour Scheme

18 Feb
Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look

Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look

With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. There is psychology behind colors, and they tell beautiful stories. By selecting the right color scheme, you can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility, or you can convey an image of playful youthfulness.


If you have been a wedding client of mine, you would have seen a Wedding Beauty Look Book in our make-up trial/consultation. I have collected images of various make-up & hair styling looks, and put together a look book so my clients can review the images and get ideas of what they like.

It is like asking the client to bring tear sheets of their preferred looks, except for we have it all here laid out for the clients–and this is my customer service for the clients. But in general, I still would like my clients to bring their preferred looks so we can all get an idea.

By having a look book with categories for my clients to review, my team can professionally & clearly communicate with the clients in what make-up & hair style she likes, and we can also give inputs on what we think will work better on the clients. This is exactly what clear communication comes in place, so there are no guessing games; we don’t want any of that guessing games for a beautiful wedding look!

For weddings, I created and categorized bridal make-up looks into 5 color schemes.


Bridal Make-up Eye Shadow Palette 3

Tommy’s Eye Shadow Palette 1

Five Wedding Make-up Color Schemes

  1. Bronzy/Beach: golden, bronzy, tanned colours
  2. Classic/Elegance: neutral colours (brown, taupe,  earthy, beige)
  3. Glamour: smokey or bright colours in strong colour payoff
  4. Romantic: pastel pinks, plums and purples
  5. Soft & Natural: light earthy, peachy, light neutral colours

Each colour scheme has a theme that will suit the client’s wedding style, and the client can choose the style based on colour preferences, wedding theme/location, seasons, flower and its colour arrangements, and/or thier skintones.


1. Bronzy/Beach Wedding Look

Bronzy Bridal Make-up Look 1

Bronzy Bridal Make-up Look 1

The Bronzy/Beach Wedding Look is great for the brides who love that sun-kissed look! It is ideal for outdoor & beach weddings, or for those who simply prefer a natural tanned look. The feature of this look is to use bronzer to enhance the skin colour to a sun-kissed appearance, subtle bronzy glow on the skin, with using golden, brown & tanned shades on the eyes. Stronger contour could be emphasized with this look (eyes, face, and neck) to blend in with the tanned colours.

Bronzy Bridal Make-up Look 1

Bronzy Bridal Make-up Look 2

Some great M·A·C eye shadow colours for the eye make-up look are: Amber Lights, Bronze, Woodwinked, Mulch, or Tempting. Make sure to match the bronzy face colour to the neck and body so it looks naturally tanned and well blended.


2. Classic/Elegance Wedding Look

Classic Bridal Make-up 1

Classic/Elegance Bridal Make-up Look 1

The Classic/Elegance Wedding Look is your traditional make-up look with a crispy clean overall appearance, and with a little emphasize on highlighting & contouring on the eyes and the face (not too much). The colour scheme is neutral shades, and it is the most ideal look for those who wish to have their photos taken and remain looking timeless and never outdated.

Classic/Elegance Bridal Make-up Look 2

Classic/Elegance Bridal Make-up Look 2

The texture of make-up used for this look prefer to be demi-matte finish with no strong shimmers and glitters. Classy & Timeless if what we aim for in this look.

Classic Bridal Make-up Look 3

Classic/Elegance Bridal Make-up Look 3

Some great M·A·C eye shadow colours that I like for this eye make-up look are: Vanilla, Shroom, Brule, Soft Brown, Wedge, Espresso, Print, Brun, or Scene.


3. Glamour Wedding Look

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 1

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 1

The Glamour Wedding Look is about having a stronger emphasize in texture, colour intensity & payoff with a focus on the eyes and/or lips. A light smoky eye with a brighter brow bone highlight and full set of false lashes is an example of the glamour look. A much stronger highlighting & contouring on the face is needed for a more 3-dimensional sculpted face.

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 4 East Indian

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 4 East Indian

Another great example is those gorgeous Filipino or East Indian bridal make-up look with tons of bright eye/cheek colours, strong lip colours, winged up black eyeliners, double false lashes, henna tattoos, bright color lips, and all the glitters and gems in accessories & jewelries… it’s all about looking like a classy version of a glamour queen in the special day!


VIDEO: Summer Bridal Makeup by Makeup Artist: Vimi Joshi


A subtle shimmer or glitter on the right placement of the eyes, face and body is OK for this glamour bridal look, but make sure the glitters are NOT all over the place, or else you will look like a glitter ball—definitely not recommended for a bridal look.

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 3

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 3

I have a special eye shadow palette that I often use for doing glamour make-up looks. It is a salon-exclusive brand that I custom made from Taiwan’s International Cosmetics Exhibitions. This palette has eyeshadows of the most amazing micro-glitters, and very high colour payoff pigments. This eyeshadow palette is also great for evening eye make-up for the brides.

Bridal Make-up Eye Shadow Palette 1

Tommy’s Eye Shadow Palette 2

There are some other M·A·C eye shadow colours that I like to use for this look as well: Phloof!, Contrast, Plumage, Smut, Shadowy Lady, Embark, or Sketch. If I was to do an East Indian bridal make-up, I could be using some of the brightest fashion eye shadow from my palettes with strong black eye liners (liquid or gel formula for dramatic effects) & well-defined eye brows!

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 4 East Indian

Glamour Bridal Make-up Look 4 East Indian


4. Romantic Wedding Look

Romantic Bridal Look 1

Romantic Bridal Make-up Look 1

The Romantic Wedding Look is great for those brides who like the dreamy type of wedding style with a sweet look on their face. The main colour scheme for this look is filled with pastel pinks, plums and purples, mixed with grey colors. Those colour blend well together because they are Analogous Colors (colors that are next to each on the color wheel), thus they blend beautifully together.

Romantic Bridal Make-up 2

Romantic Bridal Make-up Look 2

The make-up artist must be skilled to use these shades to avoid making the bride looking too tired with red-pinkish eyes. A lot of fair skin tone, or cool skin undertone Asian brides like the Romantic look a lot. This colour scheme really compliments the fair Asian skintone, and a brighter pink blush colour goes really well with this look.

MAC Eye Shadow Quad for the Romantic Wedding Look

Some great M·A·C eye shadow colours that I like for this eye make-up look are: Yogurt, Blackberry, Trax, Girlie, Digit, Shale, Beautiful Iris, Knight Devine, or Parfait Amour, which is a combination of the colours of pink, purple and plums. The overall feeling of this colour scheme gives is romantic, sweet, and dreamy.


5. Soft & Natural Wedding Look

Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look 1

From my make-up experiences, the Soft & Natural Wedding Look is probably the most popular look for daytime bride in North Americas. Most wedding make-up artists will tell you to look like yourself on your wedding day, especially for the daytime look. Of course, with cultural variations, some Asian or East Indian brides prefer to have a high glamour look on their wedding day too.

Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look 2

Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look 2

The Soft & Natural look is somewhat similar to the Classic/Elegance Wedding Look with a very clean, fresh overall appearance. None of the facial feature should be too strong. The colour scheme is in light earthy or peachy, apricot colour tones; the skin should give a natural soft glow without looking too matte or dewy (too much glow). The goal is to achieve an enhanced version of the bride’s natural beauty.

To achieve the look, some great M·A·C eye shadow colours that I like to use are: All that Glitter, Naked Lunch, Ricepaper, Arena, Texture, Expensive Pink, or Jest. A light pink and/or peach colour on the lips will just make everything look wonderful for your day time bridal look!


Tommy's Eye Shadow Palette 3

Tommy’s Eye Shadow Palette 3


 I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and understand some color schemes to use on wedding make-up as a guideline. Have a wonderful wedding day!

Behind-the-Scene: Tommy Beauty Pro Team working on Wedding Day

Behind-the-Scene: Tommy Beauty Pro Team working on Wedding Day


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6 Responses to “Beautiful Wedding Make-up Looks & Colour Scheme”

  1. Ruth Rosales October 25, 2013 at 8:39 PM #

    Loved what I read. Very information. I need to do a look book but I don’t know if I should choose from my past clients or tear sheets. What Would you suggest. My past clients photos do t have a lot of close ups. I save your page for future reference. I’m always looking for new information to better my customer service with clients. Love doing weddings.
    Plus the video was a great makeup application. Thank you for sharing! 😀

    • Ruth Rosales October 25, 2013 at 8:39 PM #

      Meant to say informative*

    • Tommy Beauty Pro October 26, 2013 at 8:43 AM #

      Look book can be a mixture of both tear sheets and your past clients – as long as the clients can see the styles and you can communicate clearly with them. You can always ask your clients to bring images of the styles they prefer, either way works!

      • David_Sykes August 8, 2014 at 1:23 PM #

        Hi Tommy, I’m just starting out as a bridal makeup artist and have most of the mac eyeshadows you use for your bridal looks. Can you recommend any particular combinations for each look for lid, crease, outer v, brow highlight? Thanks Sarah

      • Tommy Beauty Pro August 8, 2014 at 5:44 PM #

        Hi David:
        Hope you are finding make-up to be fun and a prosperous business. For new MUA’s, I always recommend to try to play and do as many faces as you can to get a good sense of coloring & build the confidence in make-up. If you would like to learn more about color, you can check out my most popular post @

        In general, a good & safe way to do it is to choose the colors in the same family (with various shades from dark to light). Use an eye primer first, the lightest shade goes as a base, light-medium color goes on the lid, medium color on the crease, and the darker shade goes on the outer V. You can always use a lighter color with a bit of shimmer for the brow highlight.

        However, eye make-up design is not always like that because there are different type of eye shapes. If you were to do a smokey-eye or Asian eye, the placement of eye make-up/color could be different. A picture as this from Smashbox can be helpful @

        I hope I have answered your questions. Enjoy my blog. 🙂

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