M·A·C x Chen Man (陳漫) Love and Water

22 Feb

M·A·C Cosmetics collaborates with Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man (陳漫) for its latest product collection. The bold and sensual collection of powders, eye shadows, lipstick, eye-liner, lipglass and nail lacquer is inspired by the artist’s fascination with love and water.

  • Launch Date: March, 2012


M·A·C  x Chen Man “Love and Water”

East meets West. A sensual colour collection created in collaboration with Beijing-born fashion photographer, Chen Man, inspired by her infatuation with love and water, yin and yang, pink and blue.


M·A·C  Chen Man “Love and Water” – Behind the Scenes Video

Director of Makeup Artistry Terry Barber describes his inspiration for the collaboration with Chen Man — from their mutual love of the power of transformation to how colours can be used to tell a story.



A tantalizing twist of art, color and fantasy comes to life as the world’s leading professional make up brand, M·A·C Cosmetics prepares to launch a cosmetics collaboration with China’s foremost fashion photographer, Chen Man. Inspired by Chen Man’s vision, the upcoming collaboration with M·A·C features an extraordinary campaign visual shot by Chen Man. The M·A·C for Chen Man collection will feature limited edition mineralize eye shadows emblazoned with a yin/yang design.


i-D online | Behind-the-Scenes: Chen Man for The Whatever the Weather Issue 


M·A·C  Chen Man “Love and Water” – Interview with Chen Man

Travel to Beijing with Chen Man, the star of Chinese fashion photography, to get her view on modern China and what inspires her celebrated imagery. Plus go behind-the-scenes on the M·A·C Chenman shoot.


As a make-up artist, I wish I can have the opportunity to work with this fabulous Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man! You bet I will design a super unique, groundbreaking make-up look when this wonderful opportunity happens!!!


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Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!


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