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4 Sep


openstudio creative photoshoot




Designer: Kailin Chu with “Lonely Flower” Inspiration “lonely flower” | Model: Kayla U.


About the Make-up Artistry

The make-up design looks were inspired by international VOGUE magazine’s cover images of retro hair styling & contemporary eye make-up design, as instructed in the fashion designers’ storyboard they put together.

Every fashion shoot has its own story, and a theme that the designer wants to express to the audience. A great portfolio is never just about the designer’s wowing piece, nor just the model’s look, photographer’s skills, make-up artistry or the hair styling – it’s a story of all creative talents’ work together as ONE piece.

Some of the key M·A·C make-up products I used for this shoot:

1. Complete Comfort Crème

To instantly rehydrate the face and provide high-comfort wear with its calming plant-and marine-based formula.

2. Prep & Prime Skin

Silicon-based make-up primer for the face. Evens out skin texture & redness right before the foundation application.

3. M·A·C PRO Full Coverage Foundation “White”

Emollient-based foundation formulated to provide opaque coverage on the face to achieve the very “pale skin” look with other light shades, with using #109 Small Contour Brush. Great for beauty/fashion photography.

4. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This colorless finishing powder was used to set the full coverage foundation, and also to reduce shine while optically minimizing the look of lines & imperfections.

5. M·A·C PRO Chromaline “Black Black”

This dark black waterproof gel/cream liner was used with #209 Eye Liner Brush to create that precise, wowing-effect graphic on the eye, as well as the eye liner at top & bottom of the eyes.

6. M·A·CPRO Chromaline “Pure White”

This vibrantly white gel/cream liner was used with an eye shadow brush for the detailing of the eye make-up… totally opaque!

7. #209 Eye Liner Brush

An extra-fine tipped synthetic fibre brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke with which to line the eyes. Use with liquid or cream products.

8. #109 Small Contour Brush

Used on the face to apply the cream foundation in a circular motion. Of soft, natural fibres.

9. M·A·CPRO Lip Erase Lip Balm “Pale”

A flesh-toned balm that visually neutralizes and erases natural colour from the lip before applying lipstick colours.

10. Lipstick “Costa Chic”

Frosty coral-pink


Designer: Sally Guo with “Coloured Lightning” Inspiration | Model: Alicia K.



Image by Roy Yue

Image by Roy Yue


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