M·A·C Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

24 Sep

Formulated to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort.


I have been using M·A·C’s powders in different formula for years and years. There are some great ones they have produced over the years. Of course, here are some of my personal favorites:

1. M·A·C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: the all time classic, and probably is the best selling power out there in the North American market! It provides great coverage on the skin in a matte finish—from medium to full coverage (depending on the type of applicator you use: a powder brush vs. a disc sponge; and the pressure on how you use it). A great product for girls on the go, or for those of you who don’t have a lot of time to spend on doing your make-up in the morning – it’s a two-in-one star product. * This powder is not recommended for you if you like to take pictures with flash (strobe) lights, because this powder contains tons of titanium dioxide in it, so your face will appears “white-ish” on pictures; but for normal daily wear, it’s perfectly fine.

2. M·A·C Mystery Power: limited edition. They normally are available during the winter holiday seasons and comes in a luxury special packaging. It’s ultra-fine, super sheer, and it just glides on to give skin a velvety matte finish.

3. M·A·C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder: A silky, colourless finishing powder that optically minimizing the look of lines & imperfections. This is what I use a lot for doing TV/Film/bridal/photoshoot make-up work. This powder comes in a pressed powder form, as well as a loose powder form.

  • Tommy’s Make-up Artist Tips:For TV & Film make-up powdering, make sure to use a powder puff to set the foundation instead of a brush!

4. M·A·C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: A face powder with packed-on 77-minerals that provides natural-matte finish. It can be use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day. It comes in 10 different shades, and some of its shades can also act as a contouring or bronzing powder as well. For someone who has a nice skin, this powder alone can also be used as a foundation just  by itself!

The list goes can go on and on… as M·A·C offers so many different types of powder in various formulas to meet the needs in the market. But I have recently discovered a new formula in the M·A·C’s powder line that I absolutely falling in love with, and it is call the M·A·C Studio Careblend Pressed Powder. It comes in 8 shades from light to deep dark. Unlike any other compact powder I have tried, this powder is ultra soft and creamy, but it’s in a powder formula! Just exactly how M·A·C describes it: “extra care, nourishment and comfort”!

8 Shades in Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

  • Light — a soft pale beige
  • Light Plus — a palte golden beige
  • Medium — a soft creamy beige
  • Medium Plus — a tan beige
  • Medium Dark — a caramel beige
  • Medium Deep — a rich golden tan
  • Dark — a deep caramel
  • Dark Deep — a rich golden bronze



From my 10+ years of make-up experiences, I would say this type of powder is mainly designed for dry skin type, more matured skin, or even for those who needs to wear powder to set their foundation, but do not like the feeling of wearing powder. For me, I have oily-combination skin, how I normally do my own face make-up (after using my skincare) is to use a face primer first, eye primer, foundation, concealer, and finally powder.

Occasionally, I will also use M·A·C Fix+ vitamin spring water (main ingredients: cucumber + green tea + chamomile + glycerin) to spay on top of my face make-up to refresh and tone down a bit of the “powdery” look, so my face make-up has that “bring skin back to life” look! You can also use Fix+ spray before your make-up routine too,  just to refresh the skin – you can literally use it anytime, anywhere!

Because I have oily-combination skin, so when I use M·A·C Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, I will still add a touch of M·A·C Blot Powder in the T-Zone area to absorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin’s surface (also called the “hot spots”). You would guess because of my skin type, foundation and powder doesn’t stay on for a very long time; but surprisingly, this powder stays on the face for a very long time! Even after I blot my face with blotting sheet after a few hours, the powder is still there. I highly recommend you to try this powder, and I think it will work well with all skin types.


Prepping your skin well is really the key to a great make-up that looks smooth, radiant, and long lasting!


Now, let’s see look into what M·A·C’s product development have to say about this powder and how it has been developed… with some of the special ingredient that are contained in this product.


M·A·C Future Face: Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder Q&A with Nick Gavrelis

Q&A with Nick Gavrelis Vice President, Global Product Development, Face and PRO, M·A·C Cosmetics

Q: What makes the Studio Care Pressed Powders such a valuable addition to the MAC powder lineup?
Studio Careblend Pressed Powder fuses high technology with botanical extracts to give “real women” and make-up artists a unique, creamy feel to the touch. The luxurious powder glides onto skin, yielding an undetectable finish without a dry powdery look – leaving the skin feeling tremendously comfortable.

Q: What is so unique about the coverage and finish the Studio Careblend Pressed Powder provides? Can it be used alone or should it be used layered with other products?
Studio Careblend Pressed Powder provides sheer to medium coverage with perfect skin adhesion that helps to create a more flawless, refined look to skin. Studio Careblend Pressed Powder’s versatility allows users to apply it alone, over moisturized skin, atop foundation to set, or simply to touch up and perfect skin throughout the day.

Q: What are the Skincare benefits of the new Studio Careblend Pressed Powders?
Studio Careblend Pressed Powder has a super comfortable, weightless cream-like feel on skin, thanks to our unique botanical complex that consists of Safflower Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Lecithin. This “Comfort Complex” helps contribute not only to the beautiful skin adhesion and flawless finish look, but it also ensures that the powder will be non-drying, non-powdery and extremely comfortable to wear for all skin types.

Q: What are some of the technologies used to develop this product make it stand out?
This is truly a modern, next generation pressed powder. It is formulated with a combination of micronized treated pigments and luxurious ultra fine Venetian particles and worked in a special Crosspolymer and other ingredients to give the most luxurious glide and application with amazing, undetectable skin adhesion – looks like flawless skin, not pressed powder! Then, with the addition of the botanical “Comfort Complex,” we help the skin to feel its best and look its best, without the dry, chalky look of powders from generations past.

Q: MAC is known for testing our new products backstage at Fashion Weeks – what was the reaction from our artists to the Studio Careblend Pressed Powders?
The reaction from our Sr. Artists and MAC PRO Team backstage during fashion week in NY, London, Milan and Paris has been amazing! They love the luxurious feel and ultra smooth, non-powdery looking application they get… Finally, a Powder that looks like silky skin!


M·A·C Studio Careblend Pressed Powder Ingredients


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