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Makeup artist Rea Ann Silva was working on the set of the television show Girlfriends when high definition was introduced. Challenged to create flawless complexions, she cut hundreds of sponges into triangles before realizing she could create one perfect sponge for applying makeup. The Beautyblender was born and quickly became a staple among makeup artists, celebrities, and beauty editors. Its unique shape allows you to reach into the corners of the eyes and nose for seamless foundation application. Dampen it to make it more pliable, then squidge it into crevices.


A makeup sponge

A hot pink teardrop-shaped sponge

The curves make this sponge adept at getting foundation into tight spots like the sides of the nose or the inner corners of the eyes. And unlike many sponges, it will hold up well for years. The hot pink color of the original BeautyBlender is fun, but if you prefer something without dye, it’s also available in Pure.

Best of Beauty: 2012, 2011, 2008, and 2007


BeautyBlender Pro

BeautyBlender Pro


An Ode to the BeautyBlender Sponge

I’ve tried thousands of beauty products, but few blow me out of the water and achieve staple status in my makeup bag. This hot pink, egg-shaped makeup sponge (shown above) is one of them. After receiving a BeautyBlender as an assistant five years ago, there have been only a handful of days when I haven’t used it to apply my foundation. Then I kept spotting the sponges backstage at fashion shows and in makeup artists’ kits at photo shoots, so I learned the right way to use them: Damp, not dry. (You wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, then use it to smooth on tinted moisturizer or foundation—it sheers out makeup to perfection so you look even and flawless, not cakey.) For me, it works better than my fingers or any brushes, plus its bright color makes it easy to locate in my makeup bag. I sat down with the founder, makeup artist Rea Ann Silva—who has made millions of dollars off sales of the sponge and just wrapped a tour with X-Factor—to learn how the little pink egg (which has two Allure Best of Beauty awards under its belt) got its start:

Allure: How did you come up with the idea for Beautyblender?

“I’m a makeup artist, and I saw a need for a more durable sponge that you wouldn’t throw away after one or two uses. I wanted a tool that gave you an airbrushed look without having to actually use an airbrush machine,” says Silva. “I wanted the sponge to be edgeless so that it would fit the contours of the face—like the eyes and nose—and have a soft suede-like texture.”

Allure: Why did you make it pink?

“Pink is my favorite color, and I wanted it to be fun—just like applying makeup should be,” says Silva.

Allure: What are the best products to pair with your sponge?

“I love using it to apply La Mer Treatment Créme Foundation SPF 15 —it’s a little heavy, but the Blender sheers it out perfectly. I also love Jouer Moisture Tint. And it works great to apply cream blush,” Silva explains.

Allure: What’s the best way to care for the sponge?
“If you clean it daily [Silva makes a cleanser that you can use on the Blender and other makeup brushes], you can keep it for three to four months,” she says.

Allure: What’s next?
“Aestheticians were telling me that they were using the Blender to apply skin care [like moisturizer and eye cream], so for the holidays we’re coming out with a white version of the sponge for a clean look, as well as a solid cleanser [for travel], and a mesh case to house your sponge,” says Silva.”


Backstage New York Fashion Week SS13 – BeautyBlender Pro


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