M·A·C Try-On Pacs / Skin, Foundation Make-up (Asia exclusive)

24 Oct

I have recently read some online beauty bloggers in Taiwan (Mandarin language) regarding how much they love using the products from the M·A·C Try-On Pacs/Foundation, how the product totally worked for them, and how beautiful it looks on their skin (before & after)… I then I did some online research… yes, I remember in Asia, in addition to the M·A·C Holiday Gift Sets (colour make-up products or brush sets), they also offer other foundation, skin make-up sets to celebrate the anniversaries.

In the past, M·A·C had similar sets in North America such as the  M·A·C Try-On Pacs/Skincare:

Three new skincare combos in a see-through utility pac. One full-size moisturizer plus three travel sizes of our skincare faves. Much m ore than a tasting. Indispensable for you skin. Be a pac rat!

  • Try-On Pac 1: Moisture Feed/Skin, Fix+, Moisture Feed/Eye, Demi-Wipes
  • Try-On Pac 2: Studio Moisture Fix, Fix+, Fast Response Eye Cream, Demi-Wipes
  • Try-On Pac 3: Oil Control Lotion, Fix+, Fast Response Eye Cream, Demi-Wipes

The last time I remember that M·A·C in North America has these pacs was in winter 2002. I am not sure why they don’t have it more often but I certainly love them, especially now M·A·C has came out with so many new Prep + Prime primer products and other new skincare products, I think customer would love to try them as a set, or it will be nice to give as a gift for make-up starters. The pacs all come with a see-through make-up bag, which is also great for make-up freelancers or travelers to use.

Here are the M·A·C Try-On Pacs/Foundation from Asia/Pacific countries that I would like to share with you. They are in such a great value, and the size of the products are certainly great for travelers… and even for make-up artists’ kits. If I am not wrong, I think Asia carry these pacs every year at their specialty department store locations as their anniversary sets. So here they are:


M·A·C 2012 Anniversary Pacs 週年慶 (Taiwan)

Try-On Pac/Pro Longwear (12小時不暗沉底妝組)

  • Pro Longwear Foundation (粉持色粉底液SPF15)
  • Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder (輕透保濕蜜粉餅)
  • Cleanse Off Oil (清爽淨妝油 30ml)
  • Fix + (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • See-through Make-up Bag (攜帶式透明化妝包)

Pro Longwear Foundation

A long-wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless.

Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder

Formulated to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort.


Try-On Pac/Miniralize (無敏礦物底妝組)

  • Mineralize Foundation (柔礦迷光粉凝霜SPF15)
  • Mineralize Foundation/Loose (柔礦迷光雙效蜜粉底)
  • Cleanse Off Oil (清爽淨妝油 30ml)
  • Fix+ (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • See-through Make-up Bag (攜帶式透明化妝包)

Mineralize Foundation
A rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-buildable, naturally revitalized, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or dry complexions. Provides super-hydrated, high-comfort wear and everyday SPF 15 sun protection.

Mineralize Foundation/Loose
Silky, mineral-rich Mineralize Foundation/Loose provides a medium-buildable natural to natural-satin finish. Brushes on for a smooth, radiant look. Helps skin stay healthy and nourished.


Try-On Pac/Studio Perfect (雪紡娃娃肌底妝組) *ASIA EXCLUSIVE

  • Studio Perfect SPF15 Foundation (完美潤澤粉餅SPF15/PA+_高保濕升級版)
  • Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer (妝前潤色隔離霜SPF35)
  • Cleanse Off Oil (清爽淨妝油 30ml)
  • Fix+ (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • See-through Make-up Bag (攜帶式透明化妝包)

Studio Perfect SPF15 Foundation (with Moisture – Fusion Complex)

Its innovative binder system allows amazing colour rendition and superior adhesion for luminous medium-to-full coverage with a natural semi-matte finish, while diffusing light for a flattering soft-focus effect. Formulated for dry skin and cold parched weather conditions.

Contains PGA a Moisture-Fusion Complex derived from fermented soybeans, which works as a natural polymer to maintain skin moisture, while Sapphire powder creates a natural luminosity. Oil and fragrance free, with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection SPF 15 and PA+

Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer
A tinted skin primer formulated with soft-focus powders to help even out skin tone and add radiance. Lightweight and invisible, it goes on under foundation or powder for a naturally perfect look and subtle glow. Available in four tints: Illuminate adds radiance to a sallow complexion; Neutralize calms a red, blotchy complexion; Adjust brightens dull skin; and Recharge adds a little “boost” to any dull complexion. Offers broad spectrum SPF 35 protection. Fragrance free.


Try-On Pac/Lightful Ultracharge (亮白水激光美白底妝組) *ASIA EXCLUSIVE

  • Lightful Ultracharge Foundation (亮白水激光美白粉餅SPF25/PA+++)
  • Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF30/PA++ Moisturizer (亮白水激光防曬隔離霜SPF30)
  • Cleanse Off Oil (清爽淨妝油 30ml)
  • Fix+ (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • See-through Make-up Bag (攜帶式透明化妝包)

M.A.C『亮白水激光美白粉餅 SPF25/PA+++』萃取三款頂級、稀少珍貴的海藻精華,將來自深海的美麗神話幻化為聚光燈,從你的肌膚底層透出水亮光澤!海洋是生命的起源,自盤古開天以來,海藻就存活在至今,為地球上最古老的生物之一,可見其旺盛的生命力。海水中所含的礦物質與微量元素比例與人體血液中所含比例是相等的,這些礦物質與微量元素能幫助留住水分、增進肌膚彈性、刺激細胞新陳代謝功能,而海藻在這環境孕育成長,早就被許多實驗證明,能幫助提高肌膚免疫力、抗發炎和刺激。

M.A.C『亮白水激光美白粉餅 SPF25/PA+++』裡的神奇的純淨白色雲母,具有包覆色素的科技,在碰到油脂或是汗水時,可自行將油脂包覆,不但不會有暗沉現象,反而讓粉底變得更白更亮,使妝容呈現一整天的明亮,就像是一早剛上妝一樣。此外,以微雕晶鑽粒子技術製成的反光抗油雲母,則具有特殊的控光(Light-Controlling)特性,除了超持妝的效果,在視覺上可利用反光效果填補肌膚表面的小缺陷,讓肌膚呈現細緻的光澤感。含有PA+++功效,預防紫外線UVA及UVB,為肌膚提供全面性的保護,讓美白更快速有效。


Try-On Pac/Prep & Prime SKIN (無油光毛孔隱形妝前組)

  • Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (毛孔隱形粉)
  • Prep + Prime Skin (妝前乳液)
  • Fix+ (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • Black Make-up Bag (黑色不織布化妝袋)

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin.

Prep + Prime Skin
An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder.


Try-On Pac/Miniralize EYES (柔礦亮眼遮瑕組)

  • Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream (柔礦迷光礦物保濕眼霜)
  • Mineralize Concealer (柔礦迷光遮瑕膏)
  • Pro Eye Makeup Remover (專業眼部卸妝液 30ml)
  • Fix+ (活力水噴霧 30ml)
  • Black Make-up Bag (黑色不織布化妝袋)

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream
A luxuriously rich eye cream. Infused with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Moisturizes and adds radiance, while instantly – and over time – reducing the look of dark circles, lines and puffiness.

Mineralize Concealer
Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this creamy, easy-to-blend Concealer covers and perfects while moisturizing the skin. Comfortable and longwearing. Provides medium coverage with a natural luminous finish.


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