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5 Nov
Makeup Artist: Tom Pacheux

Makeup Artist: Tom Pacheux

It doesn’t take an MFA to identify a Monet by its brushstrokes or a Pollock by its spatters. The makeup world has its own painters–they can’t sign their work, but it, too, is recognizable. Here, five top makeup artists render the faces that made them famous, all on model Catherine McNeil.

  • Allure Magazine, November 2012


Tom PacheuxHow to Get “Naughty Black Eyes”

“The techniques shouldn’t be too perfectly done or you won’t read ‘bad girl,'” says Pecheux.

  1. Dust loose powder on your lids, then line your inner rims with black eye pencil.
  2. “Apply black shadow over the lid just past the crease and wing it outward ending where your eyebrow does,” he says. “Add a second layer.”
  3. Top off that entire area with another dark shade such as violet, emerald, or navy–with this shade, line under the eyes, too.
  4. Soften the edges by dipping a finger in loose powder and blending. “I like when shadow fades to skin tones,” he says. Finally, pile on the mascara.


Gucci WestmanHow to Get Glowing Skin

The wrong bronzer can leave you looking orange or muddy. Here are Westman’s secrets for achieving sexy, sunny skin.

  • Prep. “warm up your skin tone a shade or two by applying a tinted bronzing fluid all over with a sponge,” she says. “Liquid goes on light, so don’t be intimidated.”
  • Add Bronzer. With an oversize powder brush, sweep a powder bronzer over the bridge of the nose, across the cheeks, and a bit under the eyes, she says. (Look for a matte one–too much shimmer can look like sweat.)
  • Add Blush. Brush a metallic, bronzy shade of powder blush directly on the cheekbones.


Dick PageHow to Break the Rules

“I’m fine with punking out the eyes or doing crimson lips, or both at once. But skin should always look touchable and real.”


Laura MercierHow to Conceal Anything

Dip a skinny brush into concealer, and very delicately push in the center of a pimple with the tip of the brush. Dab with a finger to make the product disappear into the skin. Set with translucent powder.


Wendy RoweHow to Fake Great Bone Structure

It takes just one product: Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy Blush, a “sheer, dirty gray-brown” that Rowe uses to sculpt the nose, cheeks, and jaw. Place the blush brush just below the center of the cheekbones and brush toward the ears. Then hold a large powder brush under your chin, “like you did with a buttercup when you were a kid,” says Rowe, and sweep out to each side for subtle jawline definition.


Editorial Credits:

  • Alex Cayley (Photographer)
  • Siobhan Bonnouvrier (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
  • Nicolas Jurnjack (Hair Stylist)
  • Lisa Gwilliam (Set Designer)
  • Tatyana Molot (Manicurist)
  • Catherine McNeil (Model)


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