MAKE UP FOR EVER: Backstage Makeup Station

16 Nov


Wow, as a make-up artist, I have always wanted a really cool free-standing backstage makeup station with a mirror and lighting .., and you can just pack all the make-up products and take it with you wherever you go to do your gigs! This one looks absolutely fantastic! In the past year, I have looked & shopped around in Vancouver, Canada, but I have not seen any great ones that fits what I am looking for (within a reasonable budget).

I just saw this one in the e-mail, it’s a Make Up For Ever brand from Sephora. It’s a new, limited edition, online exclusive only item, and it comes with 38 pieces of make-up products from the brand. In Sephora’s website, this product is called Be Your Own Make Up Artist (ITEM # 1473529) the listed price is $950.00 ($1686 value) and it’s free shipping.

In the past, I have heard the light bulbs used for this station is made exclusively for it, and it can only be ordered from Europe. I am not sure if it is still the case; if it is, I guess it will be somewhat troublesome to order replacement light bulbs. I wonder if the light bulbs are even included if you order this set (because it doesn’t say in the product description), so if you are seriously about ordering it, you might want to double check with Sephora online first.




What it is:
A must-have for makeup junkies and artists, this limited-edition case is filled with 38 of Dany Sanz’s favorite products. (Dany Sanz is the founder of the Make Up For Ever cosmetics brand)

What it does:
Turn any space into your own backstage makeup station. Be Your Own Make Up Artist is stocked with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s newest and most iconic products for unlimited creativity and exploration. Featuring a versatile case complete with lighted mirror, compartments for product organization, electrical outlets, a security lock, detachable legs and wheels, this free-standing set serves as a portable professional cosmetics department—or the world’s most fabulous personal vanity.

This set contains:
– Eye Shadow Brush 18S
– Smudge Brush 14S
– HD Blush Brush 55N
– Lip Brush 3N
– HD Kabuki Brush
– Ellipse Sponge
– 0.4 oz Aqua Seal
– 2 x 0.21 oz Aqua Cream in 13 Warm Beige (champagne shimmer), 1 Anthracite (silvery charcoal shimmer)
– 0.24 oz Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow
– 2 x 0.12 oz Rouge Artist Intense in 43 Moulin Rouge (satin vibrant red), 22 (satin nude)
– 2 x 0.12 oz Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink, N35 Iridescent Orange Pink
– 0.09 oz Lab Shine in Diamond Collection D16 (shimmering beige)
– 0.35 oz HD Microfinish Powder
– Double Pencil Sharpener
– 2 x 1.01 oz HD Microperfecting Primer in 0, 1
– 3.38 oz Sens’Eyes
– 4.22 oz Mist & Fix
– 2 x 0.058 oz Aqua Liner in 8 Iridescent Electric Purple (bright purple sheen), 12 Mat Mocha (matte dark brown)
– 0.04 oz Lip Line Perfector
– 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Lip in Red 8C (true red), Light Rosewood 14C (muted dusty rose)
– 4 x 0.04 oz Aqua Eyes in Iridescent Navy Blue 3L (navy blue sheen), Purple 11L (metallic purple), Pearly Brown 2L (golden brown sheen), Mat Black 0L (black)
– 2 x 0.14 oz Aqua Shadow in 28E (pearly beige), 22E (pearly copper)
– 0.23 oz Smoky Lash in rich black
– 0.23 oz Aqua Smoky Lash in Extra Black
– 0.2 oz Brow Seal Transparent Eyebrow Gel
– 7.1 oz Brush Cleanser
– Filled 10 Eye Shadow Palette: 0, 3, 17, 75, 92, 126, 164, 167, 311, 312
– 12 x 0.21 oz Flash Color in 004, 002, 000, 005, 013, 023, 003, 010, 017, 014, 008, 011



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