Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012: Backstage Beauty Details

5 Dec

If you missed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show blog post (preview runway images) from November 2012, here it is! InStyle Magazine went backstage with the lead make-up artist  Tom Pecheux to give us some of the tips & tricks on creating the looks of VS models… and there are 3 make-up demonstration YouTube videos on achieving the looks from Victoria’s Secret! Enjoy!




To create this year’s look, as seen on Adriana Lima, lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux reflected on what being a VS Angel meant. “I’ve been around for enough time to know what Victoria’s Secret represents, and basically, the VS girl is extremely sexy, powerful, and the definition of perfection,” he told “When you know that, you don’t have to do a lot.”



Natural Flush

“We dropped the glitter and the bronzer this year, there is nothing like that on the runway today,” Pecheux said. “I think it’s very important for Victoria’s Secret to be a spokesperson in the world, and it’s important for people to know that too much sun isn’t good for your skin. We went for a healthy finish with peachy cheeks, as if you’ve just come back from a run.”



The Freshman Fifteen

To celebrate the launch of their upcoming nail polish range, this year marks the very first time Victoria’s Secret is paying special attention to the models’ manis! To cover the girls’ digits, a team of five manicurists went through three lacquers each, making for a total of fifteen bottles used. “Girls walking for the Pink line are using a color called Peep Show, which is a fun, glittery pink color that really pops on the runway,” said lead manicurist Yuna Park. “We chose a simple nude-pink sheer called Bitten for the rest of the girls, and layered the All in One Top and Base coat over the color to create a high-gloss finish.”



Easy on the Eyes

The neutral-toned eye, as seen on Miranda Kerr, was created with two liner pencils and a few neutral shadows. “We framed the top lashes with a black pencil, then traced a brown on top of that. It’s meant to be powerful, but soft at the same time,” Pecheux said. He continued with the brown pencil on the bottom lashes, blending out the line to create a natural fade in color. “I added a medium brown to define the crease, then used a light, satiny color all over the lid.”



Strike a Pose!

Izabel Goulart snaps a cute selfie as the finishing touches are put on her hair.



The Makeup Station

Now here’s where the makeup magicreally happens!



Pucker Up!

The lips were a combination of the deep berry and bright pink Glossy Tint Lip Sheens. “We did the berry color all over the lips, then we added the pink shade to the very center,” said Pecheux. “It’s not a French kiss, It’s a VS kiss!



Temporary Ink

Some models got inked up with temporary tattoos before hitting the runway. “While Victoria’s Secret shows off a fantasy, we also show respect toward the woman’s body, and I think people like being unique with tattoos. They are definitely a part of our world, and you can do it for real, or use fake ones,” Pecheux said. “Here, we’re doing fake ones, and it’s fun. I like it!”



Making Waves

To impart Karlie Kloss’s natural-looking wave, lead hairstylist Orlando Pita varied the direction of the curling iron midway through the hair. “When hair waves naturally, it’s not uniform. That’s the problem with barrel ringlets, if they’re all pointed in the same direction, they end up blending together to create one big sausage curl,” he said. “I start curling hair at the root going in one direction, and when I get to the halfway point, I change the direction.”



Shine On

A trinity of So Sexy Volume and Hold Mousse, Holding Finishing Spray, and Shine Serum was used on each of the girls, including first-timer Cara DeLevingne.



Beachy Texture

Instead of a tousled, summery appearance, Pita’s take on the beachy wave, seen on Doutzen Kroes, is more polished. “It’s not dry – not how salt water naturally makes your hair look,” he said. “It’s still very glossy and luxurious. The girls each pick the direction of their part so they feel as comfortable and beautiful as they normally do!”



Rapunzel-esque Strands

Roughly $75,000 was spent on hair extensions, not including the ones Pita had already added to the models’ hair! “There is a lot of hair in this room,” Pita said. “There are fans on the runway, and you don’t want to see gaps in the hair as the girls walk. The extension help fill it out, and they add to the fullness and sexiness.”




Pecheux used a black mascara on the top lashes, and a brown mascara on the bottom to maintain a soft look.



The Fantasy Bra

Alessandra Ambrosio was chosen to wear the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra this year.


Make-up Video: Fall’s Dramatic Eye, Perfected by Victoria’s Secret

This fall is all about the eyes. Join makeup pro Polly Osmond and Supermodel Bregje Heinen in the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Lab and see how to rock this season’s must-have look in 3 simple steps.


Make-up Video: Get the Look Victoria’s Secret Fantasies


Make-up Video: Erin Heatherton for Dream Angels


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