M·A·C ‘Year of the Snake’ 2013 Collection Preview

19 Jan


M·A·C teamed up with photographer Chen Man (陳漫) to deliver a color-rich collection celebrating the Year of the Snake. ELLE.com has a sneak peek of the campaign, behind-the-scenes images, and the new color offerings.

  • Availability: January 31 (Internationally) & February 7 (North America) at M·A·C Cosmetics counters, stores, and online.


The snake-inspired collection is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes. Beauty Powder illuminates the skin, Eye Shadow creates striking contrasts and Pigments intensify the effect. Zoom Lash adds definition and Powerpoint Eye Pencil defines a razor-sharp line. Lipsticks quiver with lustre and M·A·C’s exclusive packaging slithers with chic- featuring Beauty Powder, Lipsticks and Eye Shadows embossed with a gorgeous snake design.


M·A·C Year of Snake 2013 金蛇漫舞系列

M·A·C Year of Snake 2013 金蛇漫舞系列

“I drew inspiration from the Chinese myth, The Legend of the White Snake (白蛇傳), a very well known love story,” photographer Chen Man told us. “The model represents the lead character, and the tower in her hairpiece recalls the Tower of Thunder Mountain, in which she was trapped in the name of love.”



“I love James’s [Gager, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director of M·A·C Cosmetics] concept of using the Year of the Snake as the theme for the collection,” explained Man. “I combined the mysterious purple tone with the sensuous golden shade, infused with the love story to mimic the traditional Chinese calendar of the lunar system.”



“I used purple and gold as the main tones for the campaign: a mysterious night with a golden-colored moon contrasts with the eccentric, violet smoked eyes,” said Man. “The makeup combines Western and Eastern elements—the blurred dots on the eyes and lips are inspired by the Tang Dynasty.”



以蛇爲創作靈感的彩妝系列,以一系列鮮豔悅目的色彩和閃爍妝效 慶祝蛇年的到來。BEAUTY POWDER美顏粉餅爲肌膚添上明亮光采’眼影打造鮮明 眼妝,配以閃粉進一步提升眼妝的奪目效果。 ZOOM LASH睫毛膏令眼部輪廓更形深邃,POWERPOINT EYE PENCIL眼線筆勾勒出鮮明的流線型眼線,唇膏令雙唇錠 放動人光彩。M·A·C蛇年系列的包裝設計綻放充滿東 方色彩的時尙美感——BEAUTY POWDER美顏粉餅、唇裔和眼影壓印上精緻秀麗的蛇紋圖案絕對是獨一無二的設計。





2012是龍年,對中國傳統曆法而言是重要的生肖年份。但是,當我們看著所有亞洲生肖,覺得 2013年的生肖蛇更貼合M·A·C的個性。蛇生肖代 表重新發現,在瞬息萬變的世界保持生氣勃勃。作為聰敏、神秘、誘惑、感性、奢華、有型和時尚的 象徵,蛇啟發品牌創作一個慶祝中國新年的彩妝系列,以全新的漂亮形象示人,迎接新一年。


彩妝系列的色調是一系列反映與蛇年相關的色彩一 紅、金和黑色。這些色彩都會出現在此系列上。我們以蛇作主題,將色彩反映,在蛇身上高貴性感的 色彩及蛇皮上的紋理印在產品上和作包裝封套的圖案設計。


我們與攝影師陳漫合作,以家傳戶曉的中國傳奇 《白蛇傳》為創作靈感。故事中的白蛇是一位絕 色美女。對這個淒美的民間傳奇耳熟能詳的中國 人,看見這張宣傳照時,會即時有所認同。我們 希望為蛇年營造美麗性感的形象——無畏無懼,非常型格。

與攝影師陳漫對談分享拍攝這輯宣傳照的體驗。我的靈感取材自中國民間傳說《白蛇傳》,這個家傳戶曉的愛情故事,深入民心。照片中的模特兒代表主角白素貞,她的頭飾是塔樓造型,象徵白素直為愛情而犠牲,甘願被困在雷峰塔內。我採用紫色和金色作為照片的主調:在神秘的 黑夜裡,金光高照,與一反常態的紫色煙燻眼 妝構成對比。彩妝融合東方和西方元素,在眼蓋和嘴唇以點塗方式構成的獨特臁朧妝效,靈 感來自唐朝。

如何將JAMES GAGER的靈感融入宣傳照片之中?

Source: GoGo Buying Info

MAC Year of the Snake Product LineUp

Look east to celebrate the 2013 Chinese New Year in style – and the luxury-loving individuals born under its sensual sign. The collection is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes. Features exclusive packaging, slithering with chic.


MAC Year of Snake SS 2013-2


More Behind the Scene Images

MAC Year of Snake 2013 BTS-01

MAC Year of Snake 2013 BTS-02

MAC Year of Snake 2013 BTS-03

MAC Year of Snake 2013 BTS-04

MAC Year of Snake 2013 BTS-05


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2 Responses to “M·A·C ‘Year of the Snake’ 2013 Collection Preview”

  1. shiroknowes January 20, 2013 at 12:45 AM #

    Beautiful photos !

    • Tommy Beauty Pro January 21, 2013 at 1:15 AM #

      totally agree… haven’t seen an exciting one as beautiful & cultural as this for a long time!

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