BB Cream vs. CC Cream

26 Jun
BB Cream & CC Cream

BB Cream & CC Cream


Have you heard of CC cream before? As the North American cosmetics market is now all over BB creams (as seen in the massive selections in the cosmetic retailers & drugstores), there is a new trendy product being introduced to the market—CC creams.

What are they? What are the main differences between the BBc and CCs? Do we even need to wear it? This blog will break it down for you so you know the basic facts about both creams.


Mega cosmetics retailer Sepora makes the explanation easy:

BBs & CCs

These multi-taskers prime, hydrate, protect, perfect and more.


  • PRIME skin’s surface for makeup
  • HYDRATE and smooth skin with innovative formulas
  • PROTECT from environmental damage with SPF
  • PERFECT skin with seamless coverage
  • BBs: TREAT skin’s appearance with high levels of active skincare ingredients
  • CCs: COLOR CORRECT and even tone with targeted formulas


  • NORMAL SKIN: Wear BBs or CCs alone for light coverage, or blend with your favourite foundation for heavier coverage.
  • OILY/COMBINATION SKIN: Use your BB or CC cream as a primer to boost your makeup’s staying power and control shine.
  • DRY SKIN: Pair your BB or CC with your favorite moisturizer for extra skin benefits and a subtle tint.


  • BB stands for beauty balm, blemish balm, or blemish base.
  • BBs were originally created by dermatologists in Asia as post-procedure creams for patients who have gone through laser surgery.
  • BBs are concentrated as a pea-size amount is just enough.
  • CC stands for color correct or color care.
  • CCs were first developed in Korea to address discoloration.
  • CCs are generally lighter in texture than BBs and provide a more natural coverage


BB Cream Selection

BB Cream Selection



We Tried This: BB and CC Creams

By Allison Berry

Just what do these popular alphabet creams do, anyway?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve noticed the array of BB and CC creams popping up at makeup counters and drugstores. The alphabet cream trend can be traced back to Asia, where it began several years ago before migrating to the U.S. Revisionist beauty historians point to anti-aging creams as the forebear (AA creams) to today’s hot alphabet creams.

These products combine many of the benefits of traditional skincare with some color coverage—such as the coverage of a foundation with the translucence of a tinted moisturizer. BB stands for “beauty balm” and CC for “complexion corrector” or “color and correct.” While a BB cream provides instant sheer coverage along with SPF, a CC cream helps address any problems with redness or a sallow complexion, while also providing anti-aging benefits.

BB creams are targeted for a younger consumer who may not need the added coverage of a CC. For both products, though, the rationale is clear. Consumers want their products to multitask—to make skin look beautiful immediately and also improve over time. These hybrid products are a growing market segment in the beauty industry, reaching $36 million in 2012, according to the NPD Group. (In 2011, they were a comparatively paltry $2 million market).

Nearly all BB and CC creams offer some level of sun protection, which is significant, as many traditional moisturizers that women might apply in the morning do not. BB creams with SPF titanium dioxide don’t appear chalky or leave a whitish tint on your face, a problem familiar to anyone who tries to be diligent about sun protection.

Wearing a BB cream is like switching your face from an HD to an analog version, subtly and pleasantly blurring any flaws. It doesn’t feel heavy as foundation often does. The ease of having one product that provides a multitude of benefits, rather than layering on several serums and lotions, certainly resonates with this modern-day woman. I found most of the creams I tried to be very bendable; they quickly disappeared into your skin, leaving a slightly more radiant version of your face behind.

Among BB creams both mass market and prestige, Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream proved a standout. My skin immediately looked brighter and smoother when wearing it, and the lightweight formula is easy to blend. For more coverage, Smashbox’s Camera Ready CC Cream delivered—it evened out my skin tone and diminished fine lines around the eyes. But Olay’s Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream is the product that I returned to repeatedly. The packaging is divine: ribbons of the product artfully on display in the clear container form a compelling visual of how the cream comes together to address your skincare needs. When you apply it, it has an airy, almost fluffy texture, enhancing the feeling that you’re nourishing your skin.

With all the benefits of my daily moisturizer, plus a bit of color coverage, using a BB or CC cream is a no-brainer. However, one significant flaw thus far in the concept is that each cream is designed to reach many consumers, meaning that if you don’t fall into one of several broad shade categories—typically three to five variations of light, medium, or dark—you might be out of luck. As the products’ popularity continues to grow, beauty brends will hopefully address this shortcoming.

This is far from the last you’ll hear of alphabet creams—haircare companies have begun to embrace them as well, such as Pantene and Alterna. And there is already a DD cream on the market: Julep’s Dynamic Do-All. Perhaps our BB and CC creams will one day look quaint when we’re on to XX and YY versions.

Source: Sephora, Time


CC Cream Selection

CC Cream Selection





2013/08/26  |  提供者/大美人


  • NEWS 1


以往被詬病太死白、妝感太濃的BB霜,在今年大進化,擺除了只有水泥灰色系以膚色質地進攻市場,網羅更多追求快速底妝的大美人!香奈兒打出膚色校正(Color Correct )的CC霜牌,接收對飾底乳失去新鮮感的族群,自此之後各家演繹,雖說CC霜訴求只是第一步校正膚色,後續仍須加上粉底液或粉餅才算完成底妝,不過,誰管它呢?都已經膚色校正了,克服了黯沈大敵,其它的就交給遮瑕和蜜粉就夠了!

BB VS. CC霜,哪裡不一樣?


  • 主打:修飾疤痕、紋路和毛孔的效果比CC霜好!
  • 質地:略比CC霜乾燥,相對比較適合20世代的肌膚。
  • 色選:以修飾力強的「水泥灰色」起家,現在也進化為多種不同的膚色系。


  • 主打:「黯沈菜色臉」,就像剛保養完後的素肌光彩。
  • 質地:較為滋潤保濕,添加比BB霜更多的保養成分,適合30世代以上女性。
  • 色選:色系多,從多為蜜桃、深淺膚色為主,跟粉底液的分類相近。
  • NEWS 2



  • NEW 3



  • NEW 4





2. 從臉頰下手:臉頰最容易脫妝,補妝時應該先由此區下手,接著再補鼻子、額頭、下巴,臉週最後帶過就可以了。


  • NEW 5



  • NEW 6



  • NEW 7




1. 用量3點即可


2. 手指輕拍推開




  • NEW 8





1. 綠色-修正泛紅肌膚與痘疤。

2. 紫色-修飾蠟黃肌膚,幫助膚色明亮。

3. 白色-局部打亮鼻梁、下巴、唇峰。

4. 藍色-打亮偏黃膚色,改善暗沉。

5. 珊瑚色-代替腮紅,呈現自然粉嫩感。

6. 當肌膚同時存在小問題時,可以依照不同部位擦上所需要校正的顏色。





















CC Cream - Color Control Cream

CC Cream – Color Control Cream


CC霜: Color Control


因為BB霜及CC霜的火紅,目前更推出DD霜產品,DD霜指的是全日防護(Daily defence)及全方位運作(Dynamic Do All),簡單的說就是添加了防皺抗皺成份,進化版的CC霜。


Julep DD Creme

Julep DD Creme


Source:Beauty Plus


Smashbox CC霜



陳靖文   |   壹週刊 2013/4/25

CC霜出現後,有人說,CC霜是BB霜的升級版,這其實是一種誤解。從字面意義看,CC是「Color Control (膚色調控)」,BB是「Blemish Balm (遮瑕)」,兩者訴求效用不同。在BB霜獨大的美容市場,CC霜能否爭出另一片天?我們來看看CC霜有何賣點。
Smashbox - What does BB Cream Do?

Smashbox – What does BB Cream Do?


肌膚因年齡 生理狀況與生活型態,而反映出不同的膚色與光采。好比黑色素增生、代謝不佳者,膚色會暗黑;空汙氧化或飲食不均衡會造成蠟黃;肌膚循環不良呈現發青現象;膚況敏感不適者則泛紅。簡單來說,膚質佳、需要較正膚色者用CC霜;有明顯肌膚瑕疵、毛孔粗大者,適合用BB霜。


Smashbox BB & CC Cream

Smashbox BB & CC Cream

輕裸妝 少粉量

Smashbox - Top BB Cream Tips

Smashbox – Top BB Cream Tips


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