Winner of the 2013 H&M Design Award

4 Sep

Minju Kim·

Minju Kim, Winner of the 2013 H&M Design Award, presents catwalk show in Stockholm




The winner of the 2013 H&M Design Award is Minju Kim, a 26-year-old student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Minju won the chance to present her collection with her own show at the Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week, as well as a prize of €50,000. Minju also won the opportunity to develop pieces from her collection to be sold in selected H&M stores this autumn. Minju was chosen by a grand jury which included fashion designer Jonathan Saunders, editor-at-large Tim Blanks, stylist Leith Clark, photographer Sølve Sundsbø, blogger and photographer Hanneli Mustaparta, fashion journalist Kristopher Arden Houser, H&M’s Creative Advisor Margareta van den Bosch, and H&M’s Head of Design Ann-Sofie Johansson.


h&m design award 2013 winner - minju kim

h&m design award 2013 winner - minju kim2


“I still can’t believe it that I have won the H&M Design Award 2013. It’s so amazing to be able to show at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week, and to experience what it’s like to have a show all to yourself. It’s such an amazing opportunity, and such a big surprise,” says Minju Kim, winner of the H&M Design Award 2013.

“I am so happy that Minju Kim has won the H&M Design Award for 2013. Her collection was amazing, full of creativity, happiness and the joy of exploring different shapes and details. Minju kept it all together with a strong sense of design and craftsmanship,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s Head of Design.

“Minju had everything. From the first little detail to the last elaborate outfit, it was incredibly coherent, and with an attitude to life that was so joyous. I just felt good looking at her clothes. You can see how people would really be seduced by Minju’s designs,” says Tim Blanks, Editor-at-large,

Minju is a designer from South Korea who is now in her final masters year studying fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She won the H&M Design Award 2013 with her BA collection titled “Dear My Friend”, inspired by Japanese Manga cartoonist Junji Ito. The inspiration may be fantastical, but the work that went into the collection was incredibly serious. The H&M Design Award judges were impressed by Minju’s determination to make each piece as perfect as she could. When Minju graduates next year, she plans to gain experience through internships at established brands, before setting up a label of her own.

The winner of this year’s H&M Design Award People’s Prize was announced today as Alba Prat, who has studied at Universität der Künste, Berlin. The prize has been decided by visitors to the H&M Design Award website, who have been voting since January 16 for their favourite collection. Alba Prat receives a month’s internship at Jonathan Saunders in London, giving her the chance to gain invaluable experience with one of fashion’s hottest designers.

Now in its second year, the H&M Design Award aims to encourage and support young fashion talent at the very beginning of their careers. Graduates from nineteen design schools in eight countries, including this year Italy and France, competed first to be local winners, before showing their work to the grand prize jury. Today’s winning show by Minju was streamed live at, where footage of the entire award’s process can be seen, to inspire future generations of designers who will help move fashion forward.

Source: H&M


H&M Design Award 2013 – Winner Minju Kim


韓裔學生Minju Kim獲得H&M時尚大獎



作者: 趙蓓


昨日,H&M正式宣布就讀於安特衛普皇家藝術學院的韓裔時尚學生Minju Kim獲得了第二次H&M時尚大獎的冠軍。本次比賽的評委包括設計師Jonathan Saunders、時尚評論家Tim Blanks、編輯Leith Clark、H&M的設計總監Ann-Sofie Johansson、H&M的創意顧問Margareta van den Bosch、編輯Kristopher Arden-Houser、攝影師Sølve Sundsbø和博主兼攝影師Hanneli Mustaparta。年僅26歲的Minju Kim成功擊敗了來自歐洲各地時尚學校的眾多參賽對手奪得冠軍。

“我喜歡繽紛多彩的設計”,Minju這樣評價自己的系列,她​​也正因巧用反差色彩而脫穎而出。 “我採用了許多超閃亮面料和明亮淡彩色系,但也運用了鮮明的廓形。大號肩墊、繭型袖與淡彩色系形成了反差。”

“我深受日本漫畫藝術、尤其是伊藤潤二(Junji Ito)作品的影響,”Minju繼續述說自己對恐怖漫畫家的神鬼描繪充滿熱愛,“他的漫畫角色有著精彩的蛻變,而其繪畫層次是如此豐富、充滿質感。繪畫在我的作品中同樣也佔有很重要的地位,在該系列中這一點格外突出。”


Source: Blouin Artinfo




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