Dior Backstage Makeup – L’OR Show S/S 2014

19 Oct

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-01


For summer 2014 at Dior, gold lights up the face with its precious glow and enhances the eyebrows of models in ultimate splendor with Diorshow Mono Sequins 616 make up.

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-01-2

This was also applied to the eyelid as a wet eyeshadow, subtly combined with the radiant bonze Diorshow Mono Météore 661: its golden tones widening the eyes, making them shine with a unique sparkle, defined sometimes with a line of sea-green (5 Couleurs Atlantique 344, Summer 2014 collection), sometimes with pure yellow pigments, or even contrasted with the coppery color of 5 Couleurs Sun Deck 564 (Summer 2014 collection). On lashes, the warm shade of Overcurl Brown mascara intensifies the glints from gold eyeshadows, while the complexion, enhanced with Diorskin Nude Shimmer Amber (Summer 2014 collection) and Glow Maximizer, gleams with natural radiance. Defined with a touch of Dior Addict Lip Maximizer and a coat of Ivoire 108 lacquer respectively, the mouth and nails exude pure beauty and really allow the eyes to shine under the spotlights.


Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-02

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-03

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-04

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-05

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-06

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-07

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-08

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-09

Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-10

Source: Dior Backstage Makeup


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