VOGUE Italia – Face Project

19 Oct



“FACE/project”  was showcasing at CAMERA WORK gallery in Berlin for the first time in 2010. Tina Berning and Michelangelo Di Battista blur the boundaries between fashion photography, drawing, and painting. The two artists met for the first time on the occasion of a photo shoot for VOGUE ITALIA in the November issue of 2007.

The two started working together and quickly realized the great potential of their creative collaboration. Ignoring the computer’s possibilities for manipulation, they combined their fields of work, photography, and drawing, anachronistically in an analogue way. More than 30 works, most of unique pieces, were being displayed at CAMERA WORK gallery in Berlin (Sept 4 – Oct 30, 2010).





德國插畫師 Tina Berning 與攝影師 Michelangelo di Battista 於2007合作推出FACE/project,這個以臉為主題的項目充分發揮二人的專長,將時尚攝影的光線質感與時尚插畫的細膩筆觸完美結合、錯置。值得一提的是,畫面中清麗無比的女孩名叫 Anna Maria Urajevskaya,當時拍攝這個項目的時候她才16歲。 FACE/project 最早發表於2007年11月刊的意大利版 VOGUE 雜誌,作為當期 VOGUE Beauty 的特別企劃,並於2008年在柏林的 CAMERA WORK 畫廊舉辦的時尚群展亮相。




  • Photography: Michelangelo di Battista
  • Illustration: Tina Berning
  • Fashion Editor: Alice Gentilucci
  • Make-up: Dotti
  • Hair: Malcolm Edwards
  • Model: Anna Maria Urajevskaya




Source: Nonzen


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Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!


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