M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection

5 Nov
M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection

M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection


M·A·C introduces a unique, breakthrough range of brushes that deliver a high level of performance and revolutionize personal makeup application. Ergonomically designed for even and effortless application, lush, silky, synthetic fibres are engineered to expertly pick up and apply product seamlessly. The brush handles feature a special grip design and a tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Exclusively at M·A·C stores.


MAC Masterclass - Linear 1 Brush

MAC Masterclass – Linear 1 Brush

With a short, narrow shape, the brush delivers a firm, precise stroke to line lashes and lips. Also defines and fills brows. Synthetic fibers. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.

($25 USD / $30 CAD)


MAC Masterclass - Oval 3 Brush

MAC Masterclass – Oval 3 Brush

The ultimate multipurpose tool, with an elongated oval shape and slightly pointed tip. Smoothly shades and blends powder or cream eye shadows, powder, and liquid or cream concealer in the hard-to-reach contours of the face. Synthetic fibers. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.
($32 USD / $38.50 CAD)


MAC Masterclass Brush - Oval 6 Brush

MAC Masterclass – Oval 6 Brush

Ideal for blush, foundation or powder, the rounded, medium-sized brush applies, blends and contours all over the face or cheeks for even, flawless coverage. Synthetic fibers. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.
($42 USD / $50.50 CAD)


  • Permanent. Available November 5, 2013 (Online), November 14, 2013 (North America) & January 2013 (International) at M·A·C Stores.


M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection LineUp

M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection LineUp


Masterclass Brush Collection Q&A with Nick Gavrelis Vice President, Global Product Development, M·A·C Cosmetics

1. What are the catalysts that inspired the Masterclass Brush Collection development? What makes the design so revolutionary? Can you expand on the technology and materials used to create the handle and brush fibers?

Several years ago, we in Artist Training and Development began to think about how to re-design a makeup brush to make self-application more effortless and consistent for both the right and left handed individual. Research took us back to the origin of brush design, when the brush handle was made of twig or bone and the brush head was comprised of feather, human or animal hair. These brushes were used (with primitive paint) to record events and stories. Eventually, the brush was directed toward the face to give early man and woman another outlet for creative expression. The Masterclass Brushes were created with these early brushes in mind.

In this collection, the brush head and handle are meant to run parallel to the face, instead of having to point the brush towards the face. The durable yet flexible metalized plastic composite handles have rubberized grips for comfort, and therefore, greater ease. All three Masterclass Brushes utilize a new type of synthetic bristle, Cosmefiber, which is a proprietary combination of materials, dyes, coatings and configurations. This yields an application like one would expect from only the finest natural luxury bristles.

2. Is it consumer or artist driven? In what ways do you predict both groups will benefit from this new offering?

While our M·A·C Masterclass Brushes may have originally been designed to make self application more effortless, our first customer, the make-up artist, will find each of these brushes highly valuable additions to their collection of professional tools. Both the consumer and make-up artist will be attracted to the futuristic design and the unusually dense and luxurious brush heads. The new types of synthetic fibers lend themselves to application differently; we expect the artists to gravitate toward this immediately. That is where both Consumer and Make-up Artist will be stunned at how effortless, fast and flawless make-up application can become.

3. What void do these brushes fill in M·A·C’s brush category? How are they different from the traditional makeup brushes currently in line?

There are three distinct voids that these brushes fill. The first is the need for a brush that makes self-application less intimidating to the first-time consumer. Secondly, there is a need for new synthetic fibers that feel natural, but that deliver the beautiful and perfectly blended results of high-end bristles. Make-up Artist Brushes have not changed dramatically in general appearance and construction for the past several hundred years, and these new brushes will help take the Make-up Artistry Tool category into the future.

4. There are three different sizes. How do you use each brush and what products would you recommend to use in conjunction with these brushes?
Masterclass Brushes are shaped to match the planes of the face, and the shape of the fiber bundles were made to adhere to the face’s various surfaces and contours.

These brushes work in gliding strokes of push or pull, not multiple dabs. Hold the handle between your thumb and fingers and place the brush at the beginning of the area of the face you are going to cover. Glide, pull or push if it feels more natural. Also notice that while you are using a Masterclass Brush, your hand is pointed away from the area you are trying to see. No more blocking the view, as with traditional brushes.

  • Place, pull glide, push glide, shimmy
  • Glide, don’t grind.
  • Sweep strokes, don’t poke

Linear 1 Brush: Has a short narrow row of fibers to help concentrate product application along the lash line. This brush applies a perfect thin line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used to fill in and define the brows, or to apply a defined line along the lip. The Linear 1 brush is very helpful for special effects makeup to create crisp lines and linear shapes.

Oval 3 Brush: Includes a corner shape that assists the user in shading and blending cream, or powder eye shadow to the eye. It is also useful for applying foundation and concealer to targeted areas of the face: under the eye, the inside corner of the eye or on the sides of nose.

Oval 6 Brush: Great for applying primer, foundation and powder products to the entire face. Try blush and bronzer for contouring the cheek bone area.

5. Were these brushes tested backstage during Fashion Week? What was the artists’ feedback?

All three Masterclass Brushes were tested backstage at the Autumn/Winter ’13 Ready To Wear Collections, starting in New York with our Directors of Make-up Artistry and Senior Artists. Their enthusiasm and feedback was extremely positive. They helped confirm that while these three brushes can be used together to complete an entire make-up look, a true make-up artist will incorporate them into his or her professional artistry tools and use them along with their other go-to brushes. The response from several top tier key make-up artists backstage was instant – they wanted their own sets.

6. How has the importance of professional tools in the consumer makeup category evolved in recent years, and how does this brush collection address this?

What is distinctly M·A·C about this product offering and how does it stand out as a “Must Have” in the crowded competitive landscape of similar products?

Our M·A·C Artists have always been passionate and keen to demonstrate and educate about brush use. For many consumers, M·A·C introduced them to their first professional make-up artistry tools. Over the past 10 years, there hasn’t been a dramatic departure from the typical brush range, although we have seen a broader introduction of synthetic fibers, interesting new combinations of fibers, and many unique features and designs. However, in launching our Masterclass Brushes, we are introducing something that breaks us apart from the other brands. Unique in look and design, this collection it is a complete departure from what one expects. These amazing brushes are not meant to replace traditional make-up brushes, but rather to provide the consumer with more choices and will incorporate beautifully into a consumer’s or professional’s existing collection of brushes.

The M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection is available online at maccosmetics.com and will be added to the permanent collection at M·A·C stores starting November 14, 2013.


M·A·C Introduces the Makeup Brushes of the Future

M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection LineUp

M·A·C Masterclass Brush Collection LineUp

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the quality of your makeup brush directly correlates with the quality of your makeup application. Now M·A·C—the beauty behemoth well-known and loved for churning out professional-grade cosmetics—provides new meaning to the word “quality” by introducing a hi-tech new set of tools to their permanent line. The three unique brushes in their Masterclass collection are truly revolutionary (and we don’t use that word lightly). In fact, we’ve never seen anything like them before.

The modern design features an ergonomic handle with a rubbery grip for maximum control, and a tilted head that allows for an unobstructed view when applying makeup. All in all, the shape is sort of reminiscent of a toothbrush, except in place of coarse bristles are kitten-soft synthetic Cosmefibres that are made to act and feel like natural hairs.

The way you wield the brushes is novel, too. Instead of dabbing or swirling color on your face, you’re meant to either push, pull, or glide them across the skin. The three sizes include Linear 1 ($25) for lining lashes and lips and filling in brows, Oval 3 ($32) for applying eye shadow and concealer, and Oval 6 ($42) for dusting on foundation and blush. We chatted with M·A·C Cosmetics Senior Artist Victor Cembellin to get all the details of the cutting edge collection.


M·A·C Cosmetics – Senior Artist: Victor Cembellin

What makes these new brushes particularly great from a professional perspective?
As a makeup artist, these brushes allow me to achieve maximum effects with minimum product. The soft fibers that make up each tool form a singular surface area and emulate the texture of velvet, thereby allowing products to be massaged and skimmed onto the surface of the skin in seamless veils of color and coverage. Many brushes currently offered in the industry lack flexibility or have too coarse a texture, ultimately leading to unblended color deposits or the overuse of product. The Masterclass brushes apply and blend products and colors on a fixed level, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye.
What void do they fill in your makeup kit?
Simply put, these three brushes are now the softest tools in my brush collection. Using them has been a masterclass in pure luxury. As makeup artists, our number one goal is to create invisible illusions for our clients. We strive for the effects that flatter, enhance, and sculpt while maintaining the authenticity of a “no makeup” look. I always say, “The softer the tool, the more refined the application.” These tools have invited every consumer to refine their own makeup technique by creating blended eyes, flawless foundation, and perfect eyeliner.
How does the exclusive design help you in applying makeup?
I find the ergonomically designed handle and new angle much more comfortable than ever before. Instinctually, the hand is able to move and blend with more fluidity and precision, and it will no longer be in the way of your application. No more tapping against a mirror when trying to go in for detail! Applying liquid foundation with the Oval 6 and concealer with the Oval 3 has been a dream. My foundation usage has been cut nearly in half because product doesn’t move into the center of the brush as it skims across the surface of the skin, and this instead diminishes pores, imperfections, and uneven textures.

Source: ELLE Magazine


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