M·A·C Brant Brothers — For the Dandiest of Celebutantes

17 Sep



Peter and Harry Brant are the young and beautiful bon vivants of New York society. The toast of the fashion scene, these it-boys have staked their claim among Manhattan’s elite. Now, M∙A∙C teams up with them on a collection of their favourite products for the dandiest of celebutantes  – including a Cream Colour Base, Brow Finisher and Pro Conceal and Correct Palette.

Source: M·A·C Cosmetics


The Make-up Collection



CREAM FORMULA, BUILDABLE COVERAGE, MULTI-USE. A creamy formula that imparts color and a sheer, dewy finish with various effects in Pale Gold color with Icy Shimmer. Unique formula allows product to be applied directly on bare skin, eyes, and lips or blends easily when layered over foundation, moisturizer or powder.




8-HOUR WEAR, NON-CREASING, STAY-TRUE COLOUR . A professional palette of four concealers and two corrector shades in a medium colour wave. Enriched with antioxidants and suited for all skin types, they can be used individually or combined to match only skin tone. Emollient-based formula deliver medium to full buildable coverage in a natural finish. Helps to correct skin tone and conceal dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks.


MAC Brow Finisher


MECHANICAL-STYLE, WAX-LIKE, NON-STICKY. A grooming tool that shapes and holds brows in place with a conditioned-looking finish. A slimline wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows in place while providing them with a sheer, slick, polished and conditioned-looking finish. Smooth, non-sticky, easy to use. Come in a slim mechanicol applicator. Goes on smoothly and precisely via its slanted tip.




By: Amanda Aldinger


Boys-about-town Harry and Peter Brant are no strangers to the wonders of makeup. Sons of model Stephanie Seymour, these dapper bon vivants have spent countless hours honing their skills on the sets and studios of fashion’s elite. In their truly modern M•A•C collection, they bring an effortless, yet deliciously chic touch to simple, clean, glamorous products ideal for recreating their flawless visages in men and women alike.





Harry: I started working with makeup because I used it to conceal acne. If you have acne-prone skin, you learn how to cover it up, and then do other aspects of the face as well.

Peter: Remember that makeup that came in a spray can? There are all these funny makeup trends that never really worked, and a lot of them were very heavy. I played around with some, but once I got into it I realized you don’t need that many products. So, developing products that are universal for everyone was very exciting. Ones that are easy, unisex, and very flattering on all skin tones.

Harry: It’s to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, and to highlight the aspects of your face that really make you feel good. To be the best version of yourself.

Peter: Some people don’t feel like themselves without mascara, or a lipgloss – everyone has their “token thing.” But sometimes, because something may seem a bit more complicated to do, people will just leave it out. I didn’t even know what highlighter was until Harry explained it to me, but now I’m obsessed with it. Obviously you can go too far, it’s really about everything in moderation. But it’s fun no matter what.


“When you see that the boys have chosen for their collection,when you see what they’re doing in their video, you get a very big, broad sense that this is male grooming for the modern moment. It’s something anyone would find interesting – be t a woman who never wears makeup, to a guy who feels he could use a bit of a refresh, to a full-on man who loves to wear makeup. There is something for everybody in a very minimalistic tone-on-texture type of a way. So it’s quite wonderful.” – Chantel Miller


VIDEO: M∙A∙C Brant Brothers



Harry: The point of the whole collection is that it’s for you. It’s not about doing it for anyone else, to please anyone else, it’s just because you like the way it alters your appearance. It’s hot.

Peter: It’s about helping people find the features they like the most about themselves, and accentuating them in the best, most flattering way.

Harry: It’s also about finding uniqueness in every single person. Everyone has one thing about their face that makes them unique, whether you have really arched brows, or a defined Cupid’s bow on your lip, or you have big eyes. If you take that one thing and highlight it – instead of trying to make it more “normal” you make it more “out there” – it looks more beautiful. You look strange and lovely.

Peter: I like to think that these products are the “beauty secret.” Play with them, unearth your cheekbones. It’s like being an archeologist for your face.



Harry: People don’t even think I wear makeup, which is why it makes it easier to get away with it if you’re a guy. Because people just aren’t expecting it. It doesn’t even come to their mind that you have makeup on.

Peter: I know so many guys who on the DL use a little bit of makeup.

Harry: They all have a secret drawer in their bathroom that has a little bit of concealer in it.

Peter: I don’t think a lot of men would think to use some of our products, and they should. But it’s not really pointed out to them. Eye brow gel, highlighter, these are all things that would look really great on guys, and it’s not “girly” to use it them. It changes the way you look.

Harry: When I was thinking about this collection, I asked a lot of the guys I went to school with, “So what do you do if you have something on your face and you need to cover it up?” I even asked my father, and he said, “My mother used to have things that I would borrow from her.” Most of the time their girlfriend had given it to them, or they had taken it from their mother, but it was always easily accessible. And…no one cares

Peter: Everyone wears makeup, but not everyone will talk about it as much. Because it’s a beauty secret. If you talk about it, it shatters the illusion that, “Oh, I just woke up like this.”


M·A·C Brant Brothers-06



Re-Blog from: VOGUE (Taiwan)

全球都在延燒世代交替的風潮,時尚圈也完全沒有例外,社交名流界新人輩出,他們的共同點就是一代比一代成名的早,一個比一個還要年輕嬌嫩。來自美國的彼特布蘭特二世Peter Brant II以及哈利布蘭特Harry Brant 時尚貴公子兄弟檔,堪稱紐約最美的青少年世代,「It Boy」最新掌門人,去年紐約時尚盛典Met Gala上兄弟兩聯袂出席,今年Dior 早春秀場上也可以看到弟弟哈利的蹤影。雕像般細緻深邃的五官,像刻出來的高挺鼻子,王子般纖細瘦長的體型,在他們都還不是模特兒的時候,就已經攻佔時尚版面,因為時尚氛圍在他們身上那麼毫不費力的渾然天成。他們到底是誰,是誰這麼有本事把他們生的高貴有氣質又那麼帥?
兩兄弟的爸爸大有來頭,正是《Interview》雜誌的董事發行人彼特布蘭特 Peter M. Brant。他本身也是一位老帥哥,(年輕時甚至有類喬治克隆尼的輪廓),不僅出身富貴,更是慧眼獨具的藝術收藏家,早在安迪沃荷Andy Warhol 成名前就大比買下他的藝術作品,更在安迪沃荷創立雜誌後之後,先知卓見的把雜誌名稱改為現在的《Interview》,繼續延續著流行文化精神的指標。而媽媽則是八〇年代美國第一代超模中的史蒂芬妮西摩Stephanie Seymour(與克勞蒂亞雪佛、辛蒂克勞馥同一屆),曾擔任維多莉亞的祕密Victoria’s Secret 天使女模,擁有這樣人生勝利組 DNA的男孩,不可能不帥阿!
哥哥彼特布蘭特二世Peter Brant II1 9 歲(12月30號摩羯座),弟弟哈利布蘭特Harry Brant 也才1 7歲(8月2號獅子座), 他們都出生於柳樹飄逸,時不時下著小雨的康乃迪克州格林威治村,家中還有一個大哥和小妹以及同父異母的小孩,但他們年紀最為相近,兩人也最為親密,也都一起出席活動一起跑趴!七歲就跟著爸媽來到紐約,參觀博物館,或逛逛藝廊,甚至陪著媽媽一起去拍照,甚至一起入鏡,大蘋果紐約的繽紛燦爛,對他們來說彷彿就像呼吸一樣自然。
哈利布蘭特Harry Brant鬼靈精怪,不同於哥哥沈穩酷模樣,面對媒體發問,也總能頑皮巧妙的應對,更時常吐槽哥哥。哈利布蘭特Harry Brant最喜歡的顏色是黑與白,剛好搭配他一頭黑捲髮和蒼白的臉色,黑色緊身褲跟Dolce & Gabanna的大黑色提袋在他身上根本超搭絕配。他的電影品味也與時下一般青少年相當不同, 他喜歡老電影,如《亂世佳人》(Gone With the Wind ,1939)、 《大國民》(Citizen Kane, 1941)、《親愛的媽咪》(Mommie Dearest,1981)等這些經典中的經典,許多同年紀的小孩可能連聽都沒聽過的郝思嘉或《偷龍轉鳳》(How to Steal a Million, 1966),而他卻知道在《第凡內早餐》(Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961)裡經典的奧黛麗赫本穿的是整套紀梵希Givenchy從頭到腳的total look! 喜歡香奈兒Chanel,喜歡阿拉亞 Azzedine Alaïa ,因為太瘦了常常需要穿女裝,對時尚的品味也許還不到被評論的程度,但他年紀雖小卻絕不是不懂,曾經一度還任性只穿 Alaïa 的T恤和媽媽的 Manolo Blahnik 樂福鞋!「在美國,每個人到最後都穿的一個樣,如果你今天穿的有點不同,大家就會覺得:他到底在穿甚麼鬼?我覺得這很sad! 所以如果我在路上看到有人穿的很瘋狂,即使我不喜歡,我還是會很開心,因為她們很做自己。」


M·A·C Brant Brothers-02

兄弟兩都熱愛凡爾賽宮、 路易十四、路易十五時期的傢俱、二〇年代的裝飾藝術風格、早期 Valentino 的秀,甚至清朝文化(是的你沒有看錯),「18 世紀的傢俱和19世紀末的藝術很迷人,我常跳來跳去,但也總是圍繞在那幾個世紀打轉」, 興趣以世紀為單位的青少年, 這如果不是從小栽培,什麼是栽培?回想當時,《Interview》正是時下藝術家、時尚工作者等重量級人物的聚集地,流行文化的水晶球 ,更常常走入人群在曼哈頓街頭舉辦音樂表演,耳濡目染,兩兄弟簡直從小在當代美國流行文化的中心點長大,身邊的叔叔阿姨就是時尚與當代藝術世界的重要人物,他們可能不知道自己有多幸運,多幸福,不僅遺傳了令人尖叫的臉蛋、體格與外貌,擁有得天獨厚、像呼吸一樣自然的時尚藝術熏陶,持續灌溉真善美,才能開出今天如此出色的時尚之花阿。
現在是IMG 旗下模特兒的哈利布蘭特Harry Brant,曾經講過想要想寫一本關於回憶的書,甚至想拍成電影自己來作配樂,還屬意美國女導演蘇菲亞柯波拉 Sofia Coppola 來執導, 小小的腦袋裡裝滿天馬行空的夢想,哈利最喜歡巴黎的雨天,因為這令他想起第凡內草餐在雨中找貓的女主角Holly,是個纖細善感,內心美好的孩子 。之前哈利布蘭特Harry Brant剛迷上了騎馬的時候,還貼心的說他小心讓馬匹不要靠近家裡的花圃,不然媽媽會生氣!這麼紳士又體貼,是不是融化了大家更人想密切關注呢?


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