How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro with Romero Jennings

20 Sep

by Kaitlyn Dreyling │ Re-Blog from: PopSugarFoundation-Application-Tips

Getting a flawless makeup look means you have to master the basics first. Director of Makeup Artistry at M·A·C Cosmetics Romero Jennings shares the essential steps to perfecting your complexion so you have the ideal base for creating any makeup look.



Prep Your Skin │ 妝前美膚清潔

“It’s so important to prep your skin before you put on foundation,” Jennings says. Start off with clean skin by washing your face or using a face wipe to perfect your canvas.

M·A·C Wipes

M·A·C Wipes │ 清爽潔膚膜



Moisturize │ 美肌保濕

You want to have healthy, glowing skin before you even apply your foundation. So once your skin is clean, add a little hydration with a touch of moisturizer and eye cream.

“Eye cream is really important and to start at a young age,” Jennings says. “If you don’t want to use it during the daytime, because you feel like your skin is oily, then use it at night.”

M·A·C Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion

M·A·C Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion │ 妝前瞬間保濕精華液

M·A·C Fast Response Eye Cream

M·A·C Fast Response Eye Cream │ 專業眼霜



Prime │ 妝前乳打底

Once your skin is hydrated, the next step is to apply a primer. “Primers really help everything stay in place,” Jennings says.

M·A·C Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

M·A·C Prep + Prime Natural Radiance │ 妝前透亮持妝露



Mattify │ 無瑕啞緻

And if you have oily skin, Jennings recommends using MAC’s Skin Refined Zone($20) to take down shine. “It controls oil in the T zone, smoothes the skin out, and it also dries matte,” he explains. “This will last, especially if you’re going out in the evening, and you can use it later over your makeup for any touch-ups.”

M·A·C Skin Refined Zone

M·A·C Skin Refined Zone │ 妝前毛孔隱形露



Blend Your Foundation and Moisturizer │ 混合粉底液&乳液

Next, blend your foundation with your moisturizer to create a smooth, glides-on-easily product. Jennings used Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation ($33) with Studio Moisture Fix ($31) in a palette with a brush. If you don’t have a palette, then you can use the back of your hand and a brush, or even just your fingers.

“What I love about mixing them together is that this formula is great to use by itself,” Jennings explains. “You’re almost making a tinted moisturizer out of it.”

M·A·C Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation

M·A·C Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation │ 美肌智慧粉底液SPF15

M·A·C Studio Moisture Fix SPF15

M·A·C Studio Moisture Fix SPF15 │ 專業保濕隔離霜SPF15



Tap on With a Brush │ 用刷子輕拍

“It’s really important to just stipple, or to tap,” Jennings says about applying your foundation. “A lot of people tend to wipe when they use brushes. But the technique is really about pressing or tapping because you have more control, and the result doesn’t look as caked on.”

He recommends using a small contouring brush like the MAC 109 Brush ($35), which is ideal to use for the tapping technique over a standard foundation brush.

M·A·C #109 Small Contour Brush

M·A·C #109 Small Contour Brush │ 專業圓頭輪廓刷



Under-Eye Area │ 眼週遮瑕

Once you’ve gone over your skin with a wash of foundation, it’s time to go back and touch up with concealer. Jennings first starts on the eyes. “Everyone has a little bit of redness in the outer corner of the eye from tearing,” Jennings explains.

That’s why he recommends tapping concealer on the outer corner and toward the inner corner. He then blends the concealer to cover the under-eye area. “The area people will always complain about looking thick [makeup-wise] is the center right under the eye, so that’s why I apply it with this technique.”

M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer │ 長效持久遮瑕膏

M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer │ 長效持久遮瑕膏



Perfect and Conceal │ 完美遮瑕

Other common areas that need a touch of concealer include on the sides of and under the nose, around the mouth, and on any blemishes or pimples. Jennings uses the stippling technique for concealer, too.

To cover a raised pimple, Jennings likes to use a skinny brush to tap concealer right on top of the blemish. Next, he’ll go back with his regular foundation brush and tap over the area to help blend it out.



Set With Powder │ 蜜粉定妝

Once you have a flawless look, set everything with powder. This step helps minimize shine, but most of all, it will keep your perfected look in place.

M·A·C Studio Careblend Powder

M·A·C Studio Careblend Powder │ 專業輕透保濕蜜粉餅

M·A·C #138 Tapered Face Brush

M·A·C #138 Tapered Face Brush │ 專業時尚輪廓刷粉餅刷



Perfect Complexion │ 完美膚色

Now that you’ve perfected your complexion, all you need for a natural look is a touch of blush, mascara, and a little lip balm.


Instagram & Twitter @tommybeautypro

Instagram & Twitter @tommybeautypro

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