5 Best New Years Eve Celebrations in Thailand | 5大泰國知名跨年活動

30 Dec

Thailand New Years


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Bangkok, Asia’s ultimate party hub, offers the widest selection of New Year’s Eve events that one can imagine. From colourful New Year countdowns along with thousands in Central World Square and wild parties at the swankiest clubs to lavish buffets at star hotels and private river cruises along the majestic Chao Praya River, Bangkok is the ultimate destination for those who want to experience an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. On the morning after, continue the amazing experience with an extravagant brunch, spa treatments, Thai massages and a visit to the local Buddhist shrines.


1. Central World, Bangkok│曼谷.中央世界購物中心  

Thailand NYE-03 Central World



Central World的跨年活動很適合一般觀光客參加,因為交通方便,搭乘捷運就可以到達,而原本半夜12點就停駛的兩條曼谷捷運BTS和MRT系統,也因為跨年的關係(活動約半夜12:30~01:00左右結束),延長營運到半夜2點喔!所以不用擔心晚會結束後返回飯店的問題。

在曼谷,另一個很棒的跨年慶祝地點就是亞洲最大複合式觀光市集:河濱夜市(Asiatique the Riverfront)。河濱規畫良好的夜市區,雖然這裡吃的、喝的、買的比外面比起來相較貴,不過這裡的河濱場地還蠻適合跨年的。

Bangkok Countdown at CentralWorld – The ultimate New Year’s Eve Countdown Festival for celebrating New Year in the heart of Bangkok. Let’s be a part of global guaranteed the best 8th place for New Year’s Eve Countdown Festival of the world and also the 6th place for New Year’s Eve Countdown live broadcasting via television stations worldwide. The Bangkok Countdown has also been continuously organized for over 10 years in the heart of Bangkok’s major landmark and also the landmarks of Southeast Asia which is at the front area of CentralWorld – The largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok is the center of celebration which have been well-organized equivalent to many major cities of the world and also an international festival where people want to join the most

The Bangkok Countdown also known as a countdown party of the city of Bangkok where have been a gathering of the most fun-filled and joyful activities for both Thai and Foreign tourists approximately over 500,000 people along with for the home audience over 300 Million people such as:- Concerts from the best and well-known artists who came together to entertain on New Year’s Eve night – Dec. 31- The magical Fireworks which ensembled more than 1000 shots and made with special technique – Piro technique to impress the audience which will never forget and welcome to the first second of the New Year. Location: BTS Chit Lom/Siam

The other main countdown attraction in Bangkok is: Asiatique the Riverfront. Asiatique The Riverfront features the beautiful view of a fireworks along the Chao Phraya River. The best way to get here is the shuttle boat.It is available from 4pm to 11.30pm at the SaphanTaksin pier (Saphan Taksin  BTS Station). The countdown at Asiatique will be broadcast on television. There are many activities you can enjoy; live music, Thai celebrity appearances, lots of restaurants and plenty of food stalls and bars.  Opening Hours: 17:00-00:30 and Location: Chareonkrung Soi 74-76


2. Buddhist Temples │ 佛教寺廟

Wat arun under new year celebration time, Thailand

Wat Arun in Bangkok │ 曼谷·鄭王廟大型煙火



想感受泰國傳統的過年氛圍,則可參泰國佛教拜拜祈福、靜坐與聆聽佛教道義的方式來送走舊年迎接新年,並參加曼谷敲鐘迎接新年。包括邦卡丕區的「瓦貼麗拉寺」、挽卿區的「帕詩里寺」、邦巴沙都拍區的「金山寺」Wat Sraket Ratcha Woramahawihan)、杜喜區的Rachatiwat Ratcha Worawihan寺、菩那空區Phra Chetupol Wimol Mangkalaram Ratcha Woramahawihan寺、菩那空區Mahathat Yuwaratcharangsarit寺、三攀他旺區Tri Mitre Wittayaram Worawihan寺以及沙通區的「然那哇佛寺(龍船寺)」等,總共有超過50間寺廟參與送舊迎新跨年祈福活動。

2016跨年倒數慶祝活動的重頭戲,今年首度在曼谷指標性景點「鄭王廟(黎明寺)」舉行,迎接新年到來。在除夕夜當時鐘到達午夜12點,「鄭王廟」最獨特的尖塔將有長達9分鐘、超過5500種煙花的煙火表演,包括2,016象徵全球新年以及東南亞經濟共同體的啟動,2,559象徵佛曆年、999向泰國國王蒲美蓬(拉瑪9世)致敬,緊隨在精彩的煙火表演之後,接著是45分鐘、將用多媒體燈光以及投影在「鄭王廟」呈”輝煌歷史年代“,搭配馬漢科愛樂樂團與Usa Asil音樂演奏,將是東南亞國協多元文化音樂首度精彩的組合。

這場盛大慶祝活動同時也將慶祝泰國國王蒲美蓬88歲大壽以及泰國皇后詩麗吉84歲大壽。在湄南河對岸,從瑪拉萊路延伸300公尺 – 交叉路口處就是那卡拉批隆公園 – 到札都蓬路,將規劃成為徒步街道,以古代泰式風格市場為主題,販賣依照地理分類的泰國各區特色商品,泰國觀光局精選來自24個隱藏瑰寶與附加景點的一村一物(OTOP)產品,以及曼谷50個行政區的知名商。這個為期三天的特別市場,同時也會舉辦特色舞台表演現代與文化節目。 2016泰國迎新倒數在湄南河畔的「鄭王廟」舉行,將吸引來自世界各地更多遊客。

Not everyone likes to party on New Year’s eve. Many local Thais also go to temples to start the the New Year with good blessing. Many Buddhist temples across Thailand have sessions on the New Years Eve and the 1st of January when they listen and enjoy the dharma speech made by the monks, or to pray with light incense or meditate. This year, Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) showcases the largest celebration among all Buddhist temples in Bangkok.


3. Tha Pae Gate, Chiang Mai │ 清邁.塔佩城門




Spending New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s ancient medieval city, gives you the opportunity to experience something different. Take part in a large street party, enjoy delicious Asian dishes at the local stalls and release a good-luck lantern to give power to your wishes and dreams for the New Year. You could also go clubbing in Chiang Mai’s trendiest clubs and bars, dine at the fanciest restaurants or choose to go the spiritual route by spending the last hour of the year, meditating with monks. Whatever you choose, NYE in Chiang Mai is sure to be amazing and different!


4. Phuket Island │ 普吉島



The two New Years Eve in Phuket party hotspots are usually in Phuket Town and Patong Beach but if you check out the island’s west coast beach areas on December 31st you can enjoy a free fireworks display, and lots of partying on the beach. Basically just about everywhere you go on NYE on the island you’ll find something special to do. If an upscale gala is not in your budget or not your idea of a good time, there are a lot of other Phuket events are fun and totally free of charge.

New Years Eve 2016 in Phuket Town usually involves a 3 night special event for its impressive Countdown Phuket festival that takes place December 29th through the 31. Activities usually include concerts, singing contests, a “Light Wonderland” exhibit, aromatic food stalls and a fireworks show at midnight. Patong beach will once again be blocked off for it’s NYE party which in the past has included a music festival between December 30th and 31st. Music performances are typically performed on a massive floating stage; quite an impressive sight to see. For a more glamorous New Years Eve experience the Regent Phuket, a stunning 5 star resort hotel in Cape Panwa, will hosting a festive gala.


5. Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya │ 芭達雅-巴里海灣



The main activities and events of Pattaya NYE 2016 will be held at the Bali Hai pier. The stage located at the pier will feature a diversified programs of both international and Thai music. The city of Pattaya goes out of its way to cater to all genres of music so everyone can enjoy the entertainment. The Bali Hai Pier will also organized lots of fun activities and games ideal for the entire families and friend teams.

New Years Eve 2016 in Pattaya city will be at full gear along Pattaya Beach Road. The tourism road – overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Thailand – is home of food and merchandise booths. 2016 NYE entertainment will suit everyone’s tastes including traditional Thai dances and folk songs together will current world’s music hits. The seasoning festivities will go on all week leading from Christmas up to New Years Eve 2016. The NYE countdown parties followed by amazing midnight fireworks will lite up the entire waterfront area and the city beyond.

Walking Street is one of the most populated areas with New Years Eve venues, just south of Beach Road. New Years Eve 2016 in Pattaya near Beach Road will come alive with music as the evening hours set in. People fill the streets to welcome in the New Year, visiting some of the hundreds of beer and go go bars, sports bars, cabaret shows, discotheques, massage parlors and restaurants. Another popular activity in the along Walking Street is checking out Thai Boxing, held in open arenas in some of the beer bars. The vast array of ethnic restaurants and the seafood line up along the main street always thrill visitors.


Thailand NYE-01

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