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From Runway to Vanity: the 6 Must-Know Summer Make-up Key Words

5 May


The trends and colors of fashion runways are always great inspirations and stimulation for make-up looks, but how do you translate the fashion runway looks into your daily make-up routines in the summer?


Vionnet Backstage at Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 Collections

estee lauder idealist  even skintone illuminator 21. 肌膚除了透,還要淨、更要光


  • 夏天妝前修飾乳很重要,Dior韓國特約彩妝師Sung Ji-ahn建議,「擔心毛孔粗大,先擦上可讓毛孔柔焦的修飾乳,想要透亮,可帶有珠光效果的飾底乳。」
  • 全臉使用粉底絕對會讓妝脫的嚴重,上粉底前,先用遮瑕膏解決黑眼圈或膚色不均問題,再刷上淡淡的底妝。
  • 海棉或粉底刷是夏天輕薄底妝的好幫手,只要將粉底用量集中在臉中央、鼻翼兩側,指腹無法做到的輕薄與拋光效果,海棉或粉底刷都能輕鬆達到。

1. Pure Skin with Radiance

The importance of summer base make-up is all about sheerness, radiance and preparation of skin.  “Through massage in the area just underneath the ears, cheeks and temples with your fingertips, it helps to promote circulation of energy,” says beauty expert Yan Liu. After the facial massage, you can apply tinted sun blocks, it helps to balance your skin’s color correction; then use a light amount of foundation focusing just in the area underneath the eyes and on the cheeks. Finish the rest of the face with a dust of powder, the less the powder, the sheerer the base make-up, and you don’t have to worry much about make-up wearing off during the day.

  • “Primer is especially important for summer make-up,” says Sung Ji-ahn, Appointed Make-up Artist for Dior (Korea). “If you have larger pores, use primers that can minimize the appearance of pores; if you want radiance on the skin, you can use primers with glowing pigments.”
  • If you use foundation all over your face, you will have the problem of make-up wearing off during the day. Before you apply foundation, first use concealer to cover under eye darkness or other pigment discolorations, and then apply foundation lightly with a foundation brush.
  • Make-up sponges and foundation brushes are your best friends for summer’s sheer make-up application. Apply foundation mostly in the center of your face and both sides of the nose, then blend it with a sponge or brush, this will give you a result of light and sheer foundation effects that can’t be achieved by using your fingertips.


blue eyeshadow

BlueEyes2. 神秘藍眼影最夯


2. Mystical Blue Eye Shadow is IN

We always worry about making mistakes when using a blue color eye shadow, but blue color is actually IN this summer. We recommend darker shades of blue such as navy blue to replace lighter shades such as sky blue, you will find blue eye shadow will give you a deep-set eye effect.


Dior 2014 SS L-or Show-07


3. 閃不停的金屬光


3. Gold Bling-Blings

Don’t be shy to use gold colors on your face this summer! How to make it look pretty? The trick is to apply a gold color eye shadow (powder or cream formula) evenly on the eyelid, then brush mascara onto the lashes in pitch-black, the combo of gold and black: beauty!


Graphic Eye Liner Looks


4. 創意十足趣味眼線


4. Creative Eye Lines Shapes

Use an eye pencil or liquid eye liner to draw liners that look like the 20’s or the 60’s style to get full dramatic, alluring effect. Of course you can also practice drawing that catty, feline flick eyeliners as seen on the fashion runways, and you will be surprised with the effect of the enlarged eye looks.



5. 光澤紅暈雙頰最迷人


  • 腮紅膏也有異曲同工的效果,彩妝師Vincent建議,沾取腮紅膏可先用在手背上沾一沾,再用指腹輕拍,從笑肌往外推開。
  • 額頭中央、鼻樑中間與下巴也可沾取一點腮紅膏,創造曬傷感。

5. Glowing Red Cheeks are Charming

You know that red cheeks you get after you exercise? Yes, that’s exactly the red cheek color palette for this summer; it gives a gradient of red without looking fake. Natural glow!

  • “Cream blush will help you achieve the same effect,” says make-up artist Vincent. “Take some cream blush on the back of your hand, pad it lightly on the apple of your cheek and blend it outward.”
  • You can also use a tiny bit of cream blush and apply on the center of your forehead, bridge of your nose and the chin area, it creates a sunburn effect appearance.




6. 啾出鮮嫩多汁的螢光橘唇


  • 想復古味重一點,那就用唇線筆加強唇形;融合一點霧面唇膏也不錯。
  • 使用這類亮色唇膏,平常護唇的保養動作,做得徹底點,唇紋才不會出現過深問題。

6. Kisses with Neon Orange Lip Color

Neon orange color lips will put you in the center of attention! Unlike the orange color lipsticks used in the past, neon shades give better effects in brightness and intensity; in addition, it also helps to brighten up your skin, regardless of your skin color.

  • Retro? Use lip pencil to emphasize the contour of your lip shape, and it’s not a bad idea to mix a matte texture lipstick.
  • When using brighter lipstick color like this, it is essential to take care of your lips on a regular basis, so the lines on the lip surface can be diminish.


Source: VOGUE (Taiwan)

Chinese-English Translation: TommyBeautyPro


Instagram & Twitter @tommybeautypro

Instagram & Twitter @tommybeautypro

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Runway Hot Lip Colours for Spring/Summer 2012

23 Mar

Jason Wu, Spring/Summer 2012


Spring 2012 Beauty: Hot Lips

If the runways are any indication, bold lip choices in hues ranging from berry to orange, pink and scarlet, are all the range this spring.


Byblos, Spring/Summer 2012

Donna Karan, Spring/Summer 2012

Lepore, Spring/Summer 2012

Loewe, Spring/Summer 2012

Viktor E Rolf, Spring/Summer 2012

Yamamoto, Spring/Summer 2012

Richmond, Spring/Summer 2012

Anna Sui, Spring/Summer 2012

Jeremy Laing, Spring/Summer 2012


Jason Wu (吳季剛) for Target 2012 Collection

12 Jan

Jason Wu Target Collection Ads Preview a Charmingly Feminine Line


  • By: Cavan Sieczkowski



The Jason Wu for Target line is due in less than one month and the recent release of his ad campaigns give a preview of what will be a charmingly feminine collection.   Target released images of the highly-anticipated Jason Wu collection, which is set to launch Feb. 5. The images showcase pleated dresses, stripes, structured bags and floral prints. Milu the cat, who Fashionista cites as the muse of the collection, makes an appearance in all of the ads. The adorable kitty is quite the rascal, causing a bit of mayhem in each scene.Target revealed on Twitter, @TargetStyle, a photo of a Milu back in Oct.

Wu told Women’s Wear Daily that his collection “features clothes and accessories that are easily convertible from day to evening – sophisticated, feminine dresses, mix-and-match separates and playful accessories all with a bit of charm and dressed-up attitude.”

The line will be available Feb. 5 through March 6 (if it does not sell out and wind up on eBay all in one day). The high-end designer flaunts his economical side with garments priced between $19.99 and $59.99 and handbags priced between $19.99 and $49.99.

The collaboration will put the 29-year-old designer, who is of Taiwanese origin, in the limelight. After the monstrous success of Missoni for Target in September, customers await the newest designers at the popular department store chain. Wu became a household name after Michelle Obama wore one of his designs to the Inaugural Ball in 2009. The Target partnership will surely only bring more popularity.



“My goal was not to duplicate anything from my main collection… Instead I designed completely new clothes and accessories that reflect my taste and have a voice of their own.” 


Jason Wu for Target 2012 Collection


Jason Wu for Target commercial


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VERSACE Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign featuring Ryan Barrett

10 Jan

Ryan Barrett for Versace SS2012

VERSACE 2012 Spring/Summer Ad Campaign

Underwater Sensation–Heading to Boreggo Springs, California, photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott get an aquatic view of Versace’s spring/summer 2012 collection with a new campaign featuring male model Ryan Barrett. Outfitted by stylist David Bradshaw, Ryan goes from a bold ensemble in vibrant prints to a more streamlined look in tailored suiting. / Creative direction by Giovanni Bianco.


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Please click here and “LIKE” Tommy’s Make-up Artist Fan Page on Facebook!

ATH-ELITE’s Make-up Look @ Altuzarra Spring 2012

4 Jan

At Altuzarra Spring 2012 | New York Fashion Week, you will find the ATH-ELITE’s make-up trend look is the strong feature… a minimal, bare skin look with an intense black, printed eyebrow in black colour… totally makes a statement! Images from M·A·C Cosmetics.


Tommy’s Make-up Artist Tips

A pointed Q-tip with M·A·C Matte texture may be your best eraser to clean up the edge when creating a dark coloured eye brows or liners (in using pencil, gel, liquid products).

M·A·C makeup used:


Select Cover-Up — applied to even skintone and create a flawless effect

Select Sheer/Loose Powder — pressed into skin with #150 Large Powder Brush to set and provide a clean, matte finish


Smolder Eye Kohl and Carbon Eye Shadow — layered and used with #266 Small Angled Brush to shape and define a very strong, yet feminine eyebrow

M·A·C Pro Gloss Texture — lightly applied with #252 Large Shader Brush over the eyelids for a dewy finish


Hydrated and natural